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Soft and flexible dolls

These dolls have simple and soft bodies.
There are aluminium wires in the bodies and limbs.
The necks can turn by joints. So they pose to some extent.
They can sit down. But accidentally stand.
Dolls and cat

Shaky standing.
Soft boy dollsStanding dolls

Yakumo. 51 centimeters.
The first trial. Very soft and skinny limbs.
Black high-necked T-shirt, corduroy pants, socks, leather slip-on and belt.
Brown hair

Yule. 49 centimeters. Improved version --- rather hard and stout.
Cotton shirt, woolen pants, socks, leather shoes and belt.
The shirt was made of handkerchief.

Lay and sitWith a black kittenAre you sleeping?Sitting

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