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Privacy policy

I put Google ads on my webpages.
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When you send a message, or leave a blog comment, I get your IP address and information about your browser.
They do not identify you personally. They will be used for Anti-Spam.
I carefully keep your information. But it may be not perfect.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q : Do you sell your patterns?
A : No, I don't. I never sell my pattern.
Q : Do you send me pattern?
A : No, I don't.
Q : Can I get patterns which you don't provide now?
A : No, you can't.
Q : Are you going to add the instructions and patterns of other dolls or garments?
A : I always think about something new. But one project takes time and effort.
Q : May I sell things made using your patterns?
A : Yes, you may.
Q : May I put your contents or photos on my page?
A : No, you must not.
Q : Where can I buy the material you use?
A : In Japan.
Read About materials.
Q : Do you sell your dolls?
A : No, I don't.
Q : Do you sell underwear which you made?
A : No, I don't.
Q : Do you make a doll at my order or request?
A : No, I don't.
Q : May I link to your page?
A : Yes, please.
Q : How can I enlarge the patterns?
A : Use a copy machine.
Q : I can't find the second pattern file.
A : Close the window of the first pattern. Then click the second link.
Q : The verge of the pattern is not printed.
A : Set the margin less.
Q : I can't understand some sentences you wrote.
A : Very sorry. Make a conjecture.