Tall Boy    by Janel   Date : 2011/03/08(Tue) 12:20    No.442    Australia   
This is my first ever doll he was a little difficult, Thankyou you Runo for sharing your patterns

Re: Tall Boy - Bhavesh    2015/12/02(Wed) 20:05   No.630    5Iyg7FzJ1
Ok first of all-made from a dead baby? That is truly disgusting Obviously not true but still not sonehtimg you should put in the newborn and baby section! Have some bloody consideration wont you!And secondly, just buy a doll from a shop-they seem to do the same things as baby's nowadays what with the crying and peeing, etc.

Aizen    by MG   Date : 2010/01/16(Sat) 10:20    No.343       
I made this doll of Aizen from the manga/anime Bleach.
Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns, Runo!
They are a great inspiration and I just love using them.

Re: Aizen - Julie    2010/01/22(Fri) 09:13   No.347    England
You have done a great job on your doll.Love his spec's Are you going to make a pal for him?

Re: Aizen - MG    2010/01/23(Sat) 08:21   No.348    
I may make Hinamori Momo when I have the time.

Re: Aizen - Justin    2010/08/17(Tue) 19:41   No.406    Usa
What pattern did u use

Re: Aizen - MG    2010/10/05(Tue) 22:43   No.414    
I used the Nekomimi pattern but changed the pattern for the face to include the nose like this: http://craft.nunodoll.com/boy/pat01.gif

Re: Aizen - Mike    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:46   No.629    lwGTDFGsIza
/ What a moment it was when icgiho finally got his soul reaper powers, and yes I agree Aizen was the best villain both smart and powerful I really appreciate and wait for your new post regarding naruto and bleach

Old Mouse    by Lizardie   Date : 2008/05/06(Tue) 18:51    No.170    Russia, Italy   
I decided to make this mouse in order to check whether I designed the pattern properly. While I was working on the base of the body, I have found out that the pattern was not really what I expected it to be. So, I left the body lying in the corner and almost forgot about it. Once upon a time I have realized that I expect and demand too much from myself and from my toys. Everything have the right to exist, even though it does not seem to be perfect. I understood that if I devote my time to complete this awkward body, I will get the result anyhow. I got down to this work again and created the head and the paws, wrapped the silk thread round the wire of the tail. Then I have sewed her the blue peignoir, embroidered in the glittering thread, decorated the flowers with strass, and put on the Czech bead pendant. That's how this elderly fancy vintage-style mouse appeared. Maybe she also needs a little walking stick, but I am still not sure about it. The height of this doll is 10 cm, it was born in February 2008, lives in Pisa, Italy.

Re: Old Mouse - Lui    2008/05/09(Fri) 23:46   No.172    Philippines
Very cute!adorable little mouse! i wish i have those materials to make something like that. great job.

Re: Old Mouse - Lizardie    2008/05/20(Tue) 01:18   No.174    Russia, Italy
Dear Lui,
I quite I agree that in some countries it is really difficult to find nice materials for hobby and art, but I have realized, that one can make a really great doll from very simple materials. As for me, the idea itself and your love, patience and skills are more important than the quality of materials. I know people who are able to by the best materials and tools, but their works are not impressive at all.
So, good luck!

Re: Old Mouse - Terry Weiss    2008/07/06(Sun) 11:09   No.185    USA
I think your mouse is charming! A walking stick would be nice, or a little umbrella.

Re: Old Mouse - Clare    2009/11/17(Tue) 12:10   No.321    USA
I love this sad little old lady mouse. I would love to have the pattern for her, or even a ready made mouse. Would this be possible?

Re: Old Mouse - Kerry L    2009/12/03(Thu) 06:53   No.326    Canda
I really love this Old Mouse you've done such a good job she looks so realistic!

Re: Old Mouse - Erica    2010/02/27(Sat) 01:12   No.356    U.S.A
Would you be willing to send me a pattern for this mouse? My sisters love mice and I would love to make them one.

Re: Old Mouse - Fuzzy cats    2010/06/14(Mon) 00:34   No.383    
She's lovely! Absolutly perfect, any chance you could send a pattern?^^

Re: Old Mouse - Dee    2010/08/01(Sun) 11:04   No.403    USA
Your mouse is adorable!!! Did you make the pattern or did you buy it? I would be very interested in this pattern

God bless, Dee

Re: Old Mouse - Cid    2010/08/05(Thu) 23:06   No.405    USA
Wonderful! She's perfect! I find my dolls have a way of becoming who they are, not who I want them to be. Much the same as children. keep at it.

Re: Old Mouse - Anonymous    2013/06/16(Sun) 09:09   No.534    
Absolutely gorgeous. I love it. I'd love to be able to make something like this someday!

Re: Old Mouse - Armando    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:43   No.628    7WY1pgyLJz2R
I do enjoy the way you have framed this ptcairular situation plus it does indeed offer me personally some fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, because of what I have seen, I really trust when the actual feedback pack on that men and women stay on issue and not start upon a soap box involving the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this outstanding piece and while I do not concur with the idea in totality, I value the viewpoint.

None    by claudia Twede   Date : 2010/07/19(Mon) 12:14    No.396    usa   
I named this guy Dustin D. Wind. I love making dolls for Halloween

Re: None - Kathy    2010/07/22(Thu) 05:55   No.397    USA
WOW! He is awesome! I LOVE Halloween! Did you buy a pattern or make your own? I would love to see your other Halloween Dolls!

Re: None - alessandra    2010/07/26(Mon) 19:43   No.400    italy
i've never seen something like that! it's beatiful, i don't like halloween... but that doesn't matter... your doll is really spectacular!

Re: None - Messi    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:42   No.627    Dttb9ukAu2XP
Really? Many of these women still look really good in their \ young\ ptrcueis, and most of the ones who don\'t look good look that way because very few people would apply the label \ sexy\ to an 8 year-old.

Marika    by Quercus Rubra   Date : 2013/08/22(Thu) 00:12    No.536    france   
All handmade with ove and care.

Re: Marika - Scully    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:41   No.626    v40bihaBGZwi
03 Nov 07, 2010 20:56 Vakker blogg! Vidunderlige bilder! Absolutt lagt til hos meg. Pe5 min spede, nygdybnnenee blogg. Jeg trenger inspirasjon, og det fant jeg i mengdevis her. Ha en fin kveld!Vennlig hilsenAn-Magritt

Charlotte the French Cat    by Kenshinchan   Date : 2009/08/12(Wed) 10:54    No.295    USA   
Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns! This is a nekomimi I made for my mom's black and cream-colored French guest room. I left out the 3-D nose and stretchy fabric over the base fabric because I don't mind a doll having seams. The face is embroidered. I designed the dress pattern--it didn't come out quite how I wanted, but it's OK.

Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Kerry Lyons    2009/08/12(Wed) 13:34   No.296    Canada
I think you did a really nice job! You say you embroidered the face? That I do not know how to do, every time I've tried my thread gets all clumped.

Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Kenshinchan    2009/08/14(Fri) 11:16   No.299    USA
Thanks, Kerry! :) I kind of taught myself to embroider...if you only use 3 strands of floss and keep them relatively short (18 inches or so, I think), that can help. In my experience, it's also best to draw out the face before embroidering. Sometimes things go wrong even if you draw them out, though. :( Your faces are cute so I'm sure you could embroider if you wanted to. :)

I actually think Charlotte is cuter in her pajamas/undergarments. ^#^ I took the panties pattern and basically turned it into a "combination" with the pants and slip as one piece.

Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Candice    2009/12/05(Sat) 03:32   No.327    USA
I love this little lion doll it is so cute. It makes me want to make on like it. Great job!

Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Cielo    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:39   No.625    RtGQLFkVBcsj
Hello I am from ballyroney girls brdiage and am wondering for the badge work (seniors) I wanted to do some fundraising for an animal charity like guide dogs or dog house sanctuary I will discuss this with my leaders as I would love gb to help animals in some way because we all love them ! Thanks

Marvin the Troll    by Jahneke   Date : 2010/09/14(Tue) 00:29    No.411    Germany   
This ist my first Troll. Hi ist 68 cm big. I made him for my Son's 30th Birthday. And his clothes and shoes are made by myself too.

Re: Marvin the Troll - Alessandra    2010/09/20(Mon) 17:17   No.412    italy
it's wonderful!!!!!!! Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Marvin the Troll - Riechan    2010/10/01(Fri) 23:00   No.413    Belgium

Re: Marvin the Troll - Bobbie    2010/12/04(Sat) 22:14   No.422    
This is amazing! you should market them

Re: Marvin the Troll - Zsuzsanna    2011/01/10(Mon) 05:20   No.433    Hungaria
Csodalatos a Troll babd,

Re: Marvin the Troll - Don    2011/07/17(Sun) 23:28   No.453    Canada
Fantastic! It has such character. You are very talented.

Re: Marvin the Troll - Maria    2011/08/19(Fri) 04:31   No.456    Ukraine
Magnificent work! Many thanks for sharing it with us!!!

Re: Marvin the Troll - Tobias    2012/03/04(Sun) 11:47   No.471    New Zealand
Could you please email me the pattern for the troll please

Re: Marvin the Troll - Jan    2012/05/02(Wed) 23:33   No.484    England
Beautifully done thank you for showing it.

Re: Marvin the Troll - greg    2012/07/17(Tue) 05:52   No.495    
Could you please email me the pattern for the troll please

Re: Marvin the Troll - sally    2013/01/05(Sat) 21:49   No.518    england
this brill could i please have the pattern for him

Re: Marvin the Troll - Lisa    2013/01/25(Fri) 13:38   No.526    USA
Wow, that's awesome

Re: Marvin the Troll - Pepi    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:38   No.624    1gNZBErUV
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my love, Sony    by Nga Nguyen   Date : 2010/03/05(Fri) 00:11    No.359    Việt Nam   
I made him following the tall boy of Runo

His name based on a main character of a movie- I-Robot. when i finished his base without skin, my mother saw him and said that 'it was nice but like a robot'. I thought of Sony in that film because that robot's really special, it can think by itself, it has feeling even love. Thus, I believe that my Sony is like that.

Re: my love, Sony - Julie    2010/03/20(Sat) 03:57   No.360    England
Hi Nga
I think your doll is fantastic, he has lots of character
You can clearly see that you have worked very hard on him.
I hope that you will consider making a friend for Sony in the near future.

Re: my love, Sony - Nga Nguyen    2010/03/22(Mon) 21:00   No.361    Việt Nam
Julie thank you for comment.He has a new friend now. ^^
It is Vietnamese girl in traditional clothes which is called ' Ao dai'

Re: my love, Sony - Nga Nguyen    2010/03/22(Mon) 22:52   No.362    Việt Nam
other pic

Re: my love, Sony - Bala    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:37   No.623    SBrllWpuZo
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Ichigo of Bleach    by Quercus Rubra   Date : 2008/09/21(Sun) 17:11    No.202    France   
This is another doll i've made, it's Ichigo of Bleach. I've made this one because i love "Shinigamis".This time i've also put a part of me inside... It was a piece of my soul... Ichigo was made whith a deviation of slim Santa's pattern. Tanks to Runo your are a great artist!!!

Re: Ichigo of Bleach - Maman    2012/01/02(Mon) 00:00   No.467    
In memory of Charlie

Re: Ichigo of Bleach - Katie    2012/05/12(Sat) 14:06   No.485    
i love bleach! i'm trying to make a byakuya. do you have any tips? he's amazing by the way!

Re: Ichigo of Bleach - quercus rubra    2014/10/16(Thu) 15:48   No.583    france
Thank you very mutch Katie!!

Re: Ichigo of Bleach - Jeff    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:36   No.622    Tc83NoUdce
/ Hey thanks for the like!! I will have pnelty of Bleach posts coming in the future.. I just added a new post for Bleach 351!! Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Doll    by Lui   Date : 2006/07/22(Sat) 16:17    No.6    Philippines   
This is my first hand-crafted doll. She is 16 inches with dark brown eyes and curly brown hair. Her name is Rin-Rin

Re: Doll - Austina    2007/04/11(Wed) 04:07   No.88    Canada
how did you get the hair like that?? it's sooo pretty! especially for your first time!

Re: Doll - Sakure    2007/04/25(Wed) 01:02   No.91    USA
How did you make it? Are you sure this is your first try on making a doll? This is sweet.

Re: Doll - Lui    2007/06/16(Sat) 12:12   No.106    Philippines
That hair is my cousin's fake hair attached on a headband

Re: Doll - Andrea    2007/07/13(Fri) 21:53   No.112    brasil
So, so expressive girl!Beautiful..

Re: Doll - KERRY(Kerry)    2007/07/29(Sun) 10:42   No.113    U.S.A
How the Heck did u make!That's beautiful!Especially for the 1st time!

Re: Doll - Lui    2007/12/23(Sun) 19:51   No.132    Philippines
Yes, this is my first time in making a complete doll...but with the guide of the beautiful tutorials by Runo...(^ _ ^)
thanks for appreciating my doll ....

wig - KERRY    2008/01/01(Tue) 08:46   No.134    U.S.A
where did you get the wig? Is there a bigger sized wig? Did you style it yourself?

Re: Doll enrico - enrico    2008/02/28(Thu) 20:31   No.155    cambodia
wow girl your amazing that doll is so pretty and the hair is soooo! beautiful! i wish i could make some of that doll girl c'mon.

Re: Doll - Lui    2008/03/15(Sat) 11:32   No.161    Philippines
The hair is not expensive,here in the Philippines, It's only 10 pesos - It's less than a dollar....^^

Re: Doll - Kerru    2008/11/11(Tue) 06:44   No.227    USA
I wish I could make a doll like that.

Re: Doll - anime4ever    2009/05/22(Fri) 10:43   No.268    usa
these dolls arn't hard to make. anime( a cartoon from japan)and manga(a comic book from japan) can be very simple. the best way to start is just take a very basic doll patern and give it a anime/manga face. i draw anime and manga so... i have alot of fun with doll making. i've been sewing since i was 5 (now in jr.high) the first project i did ( that i can remeber) was a doll. so it's very nojalistic.

Re: Doll - Lui    2009/05/24(Sun) 17:54   No.269    Philippines
Yes.....you can make an anime doll by making a basic doll and drawing anime face on it..........but I'm a boy...so it's more difficult for me to sew......O-O...and I'm also in jr. high school now..i made that doll when I was on my grade 6 days....^^

Re: Doll - Aeroai    2010/06/10(Thu) 15:00   No.378    USA
wow kid! you made this in sixth grade and youre only in middle school now? this is amazing! this is as good as the dolls i make, and im a senior in highschool! do you happen to have a deviantart or any of your art posted online??

Re: Doll - Pilip    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:21   No.621    MACqDfflgXBT
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Kimono Doll    by Scott Owens   Date : 2011/07/14(Thu) 13:50    No.452    New Zealand   
this is myt kimono Doll. I made the body out of porcelain

Re: Kimono Doll - A    2011/12/23(Fri) 08:05   No.465    
Wow... Really beautiful!

Re: Kimono Doll - Carlos    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:18   No.620    jids0m25E
The outfit is so you what a score. You have been a busy girl since I last sptoped by. Love the Wannabe Wednesday (cool top) and Thrift Score Thursday ideas (you must have some amazing thrifts around where you live). Can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the days of the week! Great Big Kudos You have been doing some awesome refashions.

My first doll.    by kinkaku   Date : 2009/04/30(Thu) 18:48    No.260    Thailand   
This is my first cloth doll. Based on Tall Boy pattern, I resized some parts and I used many materials that I could find around my house.
Thanks Runo for providing the pattern.

Re: My first doll. - Quercus Rubra    2009/05/02(Sat) 16:10   No.261    France
It was your first doll, and it is is very cute !!! how did you made his hair? I like the painting of his face... Congratulations!! Keep on making dolls... :)

Re: My first doll. - kinkaku    2009/05/04(Mon) 16:51   No.265    Thailand
For his hair, I used furry coth and did the same way as Inuyasha doll. *-*

Re: My first doll. - Amanda Hardy    2009/08/14(Fri) 05:28   No.298    USA
That's really good for your first time!!!!

Re: My first doll. - Kenshinchan    2009/08/14(Fri) 12:31   No.300    USA
He's really nice! I love his hair and his cute face.

Re: My first doll. - Ayaa    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:13   No.619    UsQJXMk7a
Harper and the blow-up doll appear in other phtoos online as well... Just do a search of Harper images... They are really getting their mileage out of that image, huh? Looking for them to Photoshop a pair of glasses and a blue cardigan on Harper next...

Little by little    by Gloria Ramos   Date : 2015/02/17(Tue) 02:49    No.587    Mexico   
Hello my beautiful people!!

So, this is my third work in sewing a doll, the first two were made with the Big Doll pattern, and this one was with the Nekomimi Doll one, still, my dad said that "You can notice the experience from the others two on this one"

So, I decided to share the picture and be so grateful for this page for the oportunity.

Love and grettings to everyone.

Sorry if the picture is not perfect, but I finished the doll in the middle of Valentine`s party and handed it over to the guy who asked me to make it for his girlfriend, so, I have no more records of this beautiful doll.

Thank you so much for your attention!!

Re: Little by little - Nelma    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:11   No.616    SJgErhhq6TSt
My beautiful grand-daughter. Awesome pteiurcs. She is so photogenic. Oh and full of spunk.. just like her Mom and Dad.. I love you miss Molly!!!!

Re: Little by little - Nelma    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:12   No.618    SJgErhhq6TSt
My beautiful grand-daughter. Awesome pteiurcs. She is so photogenic. Oh and full of spunk.. just like her Mom and Dad.. I love you miss Molly!!!!

HLhIFQOcme    by Pedro   Date : 2015/12/02(Wed) 19:11    No.617    frzbRM0qbuIl   
I just want to say I'm very new to blogging and site-building and relaly enjoyed you're website. Probably I’m likely to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with great posts. Kudos for sharing with us your blog site.

The Inuyasha i've made    by Quercus Rubra   Date : 2008/09/18(Thu) 20:02    No.195    France   
This is the Inuyasha I've made in december 2007 for my son. I've put a little piece of my heart inside him....

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Tatiana    2008/09/19(Fri) 01:41   No.196    Slovenia
Very, very cute !!!

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Michele "Mimi"    2008/09/21(Sun) 23:51   No.203    
Hi! Quercus Rubra. Do you write in French?

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Quercus Rubra    2008/09/22(Mon) 16:22   No.204    France
Hello!! Michele ''Mimi".Of course i write in french, just because i'm french... "Michele ma belle sont des mots qui vont si bien ensemble"....( It's an old song i've heard this when i was so, so young, did you remember it? ).So i transtlate it just for you : "Michele my beauty are words which fit together so good"... ( Excuse my bad english, i've learn it on my own !)I've seen something's look like french in Runo's site... "It was Mariage a la mermaid".( This title ring a bell to me) I've found it really delicious. I hope read you soon, have a nice day Michele "Mimi". Oh i've forgot to translate "Mimi" in french!!! It means "cute"... And i'm sure you're "Mimi". (I would say cute of course!).

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Michele "Mimi"    2008/09/24(Wed) 13:36   No.205    USA
Bonjour!Quercus Rubra.Je suis Qubcoise. Je viens du Canada.Je vois ta poupe Inuyasha que c'est trs beau! Je t'aide. J'ai fait le corps de la poupe Inuyasha,tout correct. Je n'ai pas trouv les patrons d'un jacket et un pantalon pour la poupe Inuyasha. Tu as les patrons d'un jacket et un pantalon? Tu as mesur les patrons? Tu me diras. Merci! Bye! Michle "Mimi" de Massachusetts,Etats-Unis.

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - none    2011/12/26(Mon) 15:32   No.466    
juste pour le souvenir...

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Brayan    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:05   No.615    CECChOAc
- What a shot! I love the moment you have crautped and the 50 1.2 does an amazing job capturing all lights in the background. Love this lens! Thankyou for sharing your thought process and I can't wait to see the rest!

cute Ferret    by Naty ♥   Date : 2011/03/05(Sat) 23:33    No.441    Argentina   
Hi! thank you so much for sharing your patterns, I love to make doll with them, and here I want to show you my ferret plushie that I did for my little sister, using your ferret pattern that you shared on your blog ♥

Re: cute Ferret - melo♥    2011/03/12(Sat) 14:32   No.445    
i love this soo muuch i wanna make this <3

Re: cute Ferret - Naty ♥    2011/03/18(Fri) 17:59   No.446    Argentina
try it because it's really funny, easy and great to do it ^^

here you can see other photos --> http://starshot-seeker.deviantart.com/art/Ferret-plushie-199776514

I think maybe I have to go and do one for me too X3

Re: cute Ferret - Sanem    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:05   No.614    eTEdpmvC5
Nice onion garden. Don't you feel naurtal? Let us know how the commercial thingy goes. That sounds interesting. Yay for the wok! When I show people Rafael's picture they all exclaim how good-looking he is. So there.

Castle Guards    by Tiffany   Date : 2011/01/07(Fri) 12:24    No.429    USA   
Their names are Ajani(left) and Esteban(right). I made these guys by modifying Runo's kimono doll pattern to a male body shape. I also made their uniforms, boots, and hair myself.

Re: Castle Guards - nam nam    2011/01/10(Mon) 05:30   No.434    usa
i really like these dolls could you take some more photos of them ? ^-^

Re: Castle Guards - Tiffany    2011/01/17(Mon) 13:25   No.436    USA
Thank you! Here are a few more pictures.

Re: Castle Guards - namnam    2011/01/20(Thu) 05:13   No.437    
yay more pics ^^

Re: Castle Guards - Minn    2011/01/28(Fri) 10:41   No.438    
Wow, great dolls!

Re: Castle Guards - MJ    2011/04/26(Tue) 18:15   No.448    USA
Great dolls and beautiful costumes.

Re: Castle Guards - Tiffany    2011/07/02(Sat) 13:55   No.450    USA
I made one more. The new boy in blue is named Masaki.

Re: Castle Guards - namnam    2011/07/03(Sun) 21:54   No.451    usa
aww you made another he is sooo handsome~ they all look great ^3^

Re: Castle Guards - Thulyo    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:01   No.613    Wq9vVTTF
I'd venrute that this article has saved me more time than any other.

Little Boo    by Malubo   Date : 2014/05/13(Tue) 10:59    No.570    Colombia   
I made her following the steps from simple felt doll. I changed the face, the original face is beautiful i would like to make her some day, because i like it a lot.
Thanks Runo for sharing your patterns, your tutorials and your time.

Little Boo - Delphine    2014/06/26(Thu) 16:23   No.573    France
Your Little Boo is cute and her face is very expressive.

Re: Little Boo - Baishakhi    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:01   No.612    ipD5BFD1JKjL
Love that eye!!! I can't believe she is going to be in 1st! Z lost two teeth in a week last month :) Now he has a lisp with the two bototm teeth gone and the one that was pulled on the top. I LOVE it!

my first sexy lady doll    by Isabel   Date : 2008/07/01(Tue) 03:11    No.181    The Netherland   
my first sexy lady doll

Re: my first sexy lady d - kennedy    2009/07/10(Fri) 21:57   No.286    england
how do you do the boots

Re: my first sexy lady doll - Hrutman    2015/12/02(Wed) 19:00   No.611    fTAGBlxCK
OMGoodness!How FUN to find Janet featured over here at my fviorate UNIVERSITY!LOVE Janet's blog!OMGoodness!You really CAN get LOST in her world for hours and hours!She amazes me!I DO~NOT let Greg see her blog!He would DIE if he could see the meals she lovingly prepares for her MAN!Oh ME!Greg doesn't KNOW!{bless his heart!}He just doesn't know some men get SPOILED like that! xoxoxoxoLove Janet's cookies!I want a bite of one...right NOW!xoxox

my 2nd doll    by Ranae   Date : 2008/12/15(Mon) 14:13    No.236    USA   
This is Pippi Longstockings. I used the modified pattern from Tatiana.

Re: my 2nd doll - Ranae    2008/12/20(Sat) 12:22   No.239    USA
I really like the way Tatiana used the different patterns of Runo's dolls to make this work. This was my first attempt with the pattern.

Re: my 2nd doll - Alona    2015/12/02(Wed) 18:57   No.610    c6RwO48lzV8q
GoodBye to you.You have tought me so much about how a lady is sopupsed to be. I am sorry that I did not listen to you sooner. I was a pain growing up. You raised me right. I love you my Sweet Grandmother, My Mom, My Friend.

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