Leopard Pattern used    by Dax Swarm    Date : 2014/06/25(Wed) 08:25    No.571    USA   
Enlarged by 300% then needed to shorten body by 4 inches (7 cm)
Also incorporated a hinged jaw so the entire face of pattern was not used I only used the body pattern.

Using this in a comic book series called Dax Swarm; Intergalactic Beast Hunter

Re: Leopard Pattern used - Daisy    2014/06/29(Sun) 02:55   No.574    Italy
It looks so cool. Love it!

one of my dolls    by Anne    Date : 2009/02/15(Sun) 15:22    No.249    USA   
I've never made a two layered fabric doll. These dolls are one layer fabric doll. These are for my daughter and her friend.
I made lots of dolls related to the special occasion such as wedding, engagement party, and dolls wear Korean traditional clothes.(I'm a Korean live in USA)

None    by ZOSY   Date : 2014/03/30(Sun) 03:05    No.561    RUSSIA   

None    by ZOSY   Date : 2014/03/29(Sat) 06:43    No.560    RUSSIA   

thank you for your site

my version of terry cat    by Judith Chen   Date : 2013/12/15(Sun) 19:40    No.547    Germany   
I slightly modified the stitching on her face, and embroidered her with silk thread. this is my first full 3D body plush toy, made her few years ago from an old unused towel. Selling her in my shop and she is pretty popular :)

Re: my version of terry cat - Lara    2014/01/08(Wed) 20:53   No.551    Australia
Nice expression. Very blissful. A great companion to brighten your day..

None    by sasori   Date : 2013/09/30(Mon) 04:59    No.537    Russia   
its my first dolls

Neko Mimi    by Quercus Rubra   Date : 2013/07/27(Sat) 02:18    No.535    France   
Long Time no see...

terry cat    by Melina   Date : 2009/05/26(Tue) 10:17    No.271    USA   
What a wonderful site! I've been looking for a long time for cat toy patterns, cute cat is so hard to make... This is my first try, I hope next ones will be better!

Dolphin    by Sabrina   Date : 2013/01/18(Fri) 23:56    No.523    Germany   
Hi there, I made this Dolphin from one of your patterns which I enlarged with a posterizer program. It is a birthday gift for my daughter. (Yes, I know that dolphins aren't regularily that hairy, but I liked the idea of making a cuddly one... :))
It is about 70 cm long.
Thank you so much for providing all those wonderful patterns for free!! You are my inspiration, really!

NEW    by BRENDA   Date : 2013/01/14(Mon) 13:01    No.520    US   


Re: NEW - BRENDA    2013/01/16(Wed) 14:26   No.521    US
would like what any one think about her

Re: NEW - Multimedea    2013/01/16(Wed) 19:35   No.522    USA
She's quite charming. But it's hard to tell any details about her because the picture's so small.

Kimono doll    by Quercus Rubra   Date : 2009/03/12(Thu) 16:56    No.251    Fance   
This is the Kimono doll i have just finished. Her name is Keiko.

すてきӗ... - Elune    2009/03/13(Fri) 17:27   No.253    Canada
Very pretty! I love her kimono, hairstyle and accessories! <3
Vraiment, j'adore! Bravo!

Kimono doll back style - Quercus Rubra    2009/03/19(Thu) 15:56   No.255    France
This is the back style of Keiko.

Princess Marie Love    by Candice   Date : 2009/06/25(Thu) 15:16    No.281    USA   
My first cloth doll for my daughter Aalieyah Marie Love. Big Girl pattern with some changes. Thanx for the awsome patterns Runo!!!

Re: Princess Marie Love - Candice    2009/06/26(Fri) 04:01   No.282    USA
Close Up

Re: Princess Marie Love - Candice    2009/06/26(Fri) 05:24   No.283    USA
Another Pic. I havent made her dress but will post pic when I do.

Re: Princess Marie Love - Candice    2009/07/06(Mon) 14:54   No.285    USA
All Dressed Up

Re: Princess Marie Love - Kenshinchan    2009/10/01(Thu) 16:04   No.315    
Her dress-up outfit is so cute! I love her hair too! Great job!

Re: Princess Marie Love - Candice    2009/10/09(Fri) 09:57   No.316    USA
Thank you! And thanx for commenting.

Re: Princess Marie Love - Jeannette    2009/10/22(Thu) 00:07   No.317    Denmark
I like all the dolls on this page, they are real nice, think I will sew one like her here, she
is just really nice.

Re: Princess Marie Love - Katie    2009/11/03(Tue) 15:48   No.318    
I love the face. It's beautiful and very sweet. If I were your daughter, I know I would treasure that doll forever!

Re: Princess Marie Love - Francisca    2009/11/10(Tue) 07:42   No.320    
Aww, she's really beautiful, your daughter is a lucky girl!

Re: Princess Marie Love - Amber    2009/12/02(Wed) 19:10   No.324    US
Your doll is very beautiful! I hope your little girl loves her very much!

Re: Princess Marie Love - Kerry L    2009/12/03(Thu) 02:24   No.325    Canada
I really love how realistic you've painted the features on your doll beautifully done!

my first doll    by lee   Date : 2009/12/15(Tue) 12:15    No.328    U.S.A   
Thank you runo for such beautiful patterns.this is my first dolls jacob and rose. what do you think guys. i think that all the dolls that everyone made here is gorgeous.

Re: my first doll - Kerry    2009/12/17(Thu) 07:41   No.329    Canada
You've done a really good job on your first doll she is so pretty and I love her dress and hat!!

Re: my first doll - lee    2009/12/17(Thu) 11:04   No.330    USA
thanks kerry.

Petsite Fanart    by Katie W.   Date : 2009/07/24(Fri) 09:51    No.287    USA   
Runo, thanks so much for providing the Rag Doll Kitten pattern. I used it as a base to create a fanart of this winged kitty (Yuma from ettapets.com) It's hand stitched and it's my second attempt at a stuffed animal. Thanks again, Runo! =)

Re: Petsite Fanart - Candice    2009/08/01(Sat) 17:16   No.288    USA
This is soooo cute!!!! What kind of material is he made out of? He looks so soft. Good Job!

Re: Petsite Fanart - Katie W.    2009/08/05(Wed) 14:55   No.291    USA
Hi Candice,

He's made with washcloths I found at a local store. I think they were intended to be used for furniture waxing/polishing but it was the only material I could find that was somewhat furry and had the right colors available. He is very soft, yes. Thanks for commenting =)

Terry Kitty & Dachshund    by Fuzzy Cats   Date : 2010/06/24(Thu) 05:24    No.389       
Here's my three new friends the dachshund whom we named Ferguson, a Terry Kitty and the little dog made from the mini jack russel pattern.

I changed the pattern for the dachshund's paws a little so they match the material that I used for the ears.

Thank you for the patterns!

Re: Terry Kitty & Dachshund - alessandra    2010/07/14(Wed) 17:45   No.393    italy
i like the dog so much

My Nekomimi-Doll    by yoko   Date : 2008/02/27(Wed) 14:54    No.154    Australia   
This is my first Nekomimi-doll which was made from half size of Runo's nekomimi pattern.
I am even very happy Runo put my nekomimi on her Japanese guest's page for me! http://nunodoll.com/nekomimi/guest.html
Thank you Runo-san!

Re: My Nekomimi-Doll - quercus.rubra    2008/10/21(Tue) 16:33   No.222    france
I love this Nekomimi!!!Her kimono looks so traditional!!

Re: My Nekomimi-Doll - Fuzzy    2009/04/24(Fri) 11:23   No.259    Singapore
how did u do her hair? did u buy a doll-sized wig, or did u customise it somehow? :D

Re: My Nekomimi-Doll - Kenshinchan    2009/08/15(Sat) 16:14   No.302    USA
She is gorgeous! I am really impressed by her head and face. I had trouble turning the arms on a full-sized doll; wow! Great job!

Re: My Nekomimi-Doll - Kerry Lyons    2009/08/20(Thu) 01:41   No.304    Canada
Your Nekomimi doll is really beautifully done!!

numo doll    by Pauline Nissen   Date : 2010/04/01(Thu) 08:49    No.364    USA   
Thank you for this pattern it was fun making this doll.

phantom dolls    by Phan   Date : 2009/02/17(Tue) 09:38    No.250    Mexico   
Hi, I have a little obsession with the phantom of the opera, I'm totally adicted to it!! So here are some dolls I made, First a little Erick (The phantom) and Christine Daae in a dress of my own desing for the "Think of me" song. Second, a big doll of the phantom like the read death. The face is embroidered. All of them are handswen cuase I have no sewing machine :), i hope you enjoy them

Re: phantom dolls - Emily    2012/07/09(Mon) 23:38   No.494    USA
Im obesessed two you have to give me those patterns email me at ebacon44@yahoo.com

inu-chan    by Katie   Date : 2012/05/01(Tue) 10:18    No.483       
my inuyasha baby doll done with your lifesize babydoll pattern thanks runo!

OOAK    by Pamela Mason   Date : 2011/11/26(Sat) 09:08    No.460    USA   
Sculpted in clay mini

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