Big Girl Doll    by Kathy   Date : 2010/06/14(Mon) 05:32    No.384    USA   
This is my first time to use the doll patterns by Runo, and want to thank you for posting them online so that everyone can use them. I am looking forward to starting my next doll project. Thank you again, Runo.

Re: Big Girl Doll - alessandra    2010/06/15(Tue) 18:03   No.385    italy
she's very nice and you're right, runo's patterns are really beutifull!

Re: Big Girl Doll - Aleksandr    2015/12/02(Wed) 18:52   No.609    gOwXL0dV8
You captured this hoienommcg beautifully!! It is so touching and heartwarming. I hope you will get to have your own hoienommcg soon.I just notice that I am unable to comment on your other blog. I looked back and my comments have not showed up in your last few posts.

My Snape Doll    by Erin L.   Date : 2010/06/17(Thu) 17:12    No.386    USA   
I made this Severus Snape doll (Harry Potter) from a pattern I modified, and I used Runo's shoe pattern. All her patterns are lovely, and easy to use. Thank you, Runo, for helping all of us who like to make dolls! (^_^)v

Re: My Snape Doll - nam nam    2010/11/15(Mon) 03:47   No.421    usa
oh cool i like it keep making dolls :)

Re: My Snape Doll - heathenlyhues    2011/01/09(Sun) 01:41   No.430    USA
this is absolutely adorable. I love to see what everyone else does with this awesome website. It makes it easier to sort of gauge a new way to sew.

Re: My Snape Doll - Abdul    2015/12/02(Wed) 18:30   No.608    f9m6EdiJ
I don't know how to blog! I, too, am a huge big fan and love seeing the prdouct of these beautiful ladies hard work! I tell everybody about my nieces photog work. The newborns are my favorites! (let's see if this posts)

My Home Made Dolls    by Kerry Lyons   Date : 2009/08/29(Sat) 01:32    No.305    Canada   
I made her using Runo's half sized big girl pattern...

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Kerry Lyons    2009/08/29(Sat) 03:01   No.306    Canada
Still having difficulty with those fingers...

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Kerry Lyons    2009/08/29(Sat) 04:03   No.307    Canada
Runo is brilliant her patterns are so life like! Thank you for letting us use them to create our own :)

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Kerry    2009/11/09(Mon) 03:49   No.319    USA
hey! your doll is really cute! and my name is kerry too!

Re: My Home Made Dolls - ustin    2009/12/31(Thu) 11:00   No.333    US
how did make the cover cover all the body

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Kerry    2010/01/01(Fri) 02:30   No.334    Canada
I just followed the instructions Runo provided with her 1/2 big girl doll pattern for skin covering. I purchased stretch cotton fabric in a flesh tone. All you do is make the shell of the doll and sew the pieces of the skin together and since the skin covering is stretchy it just pulls right over. Hope that helps.

Re: My Home Made Dolls - lanika    2010/01/05(Tue) 10:00   No.337    jamaica
hey kerry i purchased my stretch fabric the is brown i just hopes it looks good when i finish making it.

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Kerry    2010/01/05(Tue) 15:29   No.338    Canada
Lanika can't wait to see how your doll turns out! They are so fun to make I started out with Runo's little Angel patterns, her bigger doll patterns are not really hard but are a lot of work, well worth it when they are all done though. This year thanks to Runo I made all my presents. Aside from hemming pants I've never done this kind of sewing, her pictures and instructions are a wonderful learning tool!

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Steven    2014/04/02(Wed) 12:52   No.562    Australia
i would live one but i am rubbish at sewing would consider buying one

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Ilenia    2015/12/02(Wed) 18:18   No.607    MdQnRcX4c2H1
Thanks for the marvelous posintg! I really enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back sometime soon. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great work, have a nice morning!

My Home Made Dolls    by Kerry Lyons   Date : 2009/08/12(Wed) 21:34    No.297    Canada   
This is how my mermaid turned out using Runo's mermaid pattern. I don't know how she get's the fingers so small it was really difficult!

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Kenshinchan    2009/08/15(Sat) 14:45   No.301    USA
You find the best fabric! :) I especially like the little ones...too cute!

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Kerry Lyons    2009/08/19(Wed) 14:25   No.303    Canada
Thanks again :). Actually I have a really hard time finding flesh colored fabric :(. I've had to use lined fabric that is much thicker and harder to work with.
I love how you made the underpants into a little jump suit on your nekomimi doll!!!

Re: My Home Made Dolls - Nani    2015/12/02(Wed) 18:12   No.606    TF0rm1LtL2V1
Oct13 Stephanie ParkerI love all your creative ideas. Thanks so much for shrniag with the world. I work in a Family Literacy Centre in Whitehorse, Yukon and we've been using some of your ideas and colouring sheets. Thanks Joel! Stephanie at the Yukon Family Literacy CentreReply</a>

my first hand made doll    by Ana Julia   Date : 2007/06/20(Wed) 15:22    No.107    M騙ico   
This is my first hand made doll, it's Severus Snape from Harry potter.
I know it has some faults... but the next one will be better.
Thank you for the patterns... they're georgeous, and you have magic in your hands!

Re: my first hand made doll - Linnet    2008/08/11(Mon) 02:56   No.188    USA
That is beautiful - I love him!
Snape is my favorite character, too! So I love it even more.
You did a wonderful job!

Re: my first hand made doll - Ranae    2008/12/14(Sun) 17:28   No.235    USA
You did a great job on him! I love him.

Re: my first hand made doll - Bruce    2015/12/02(Wed) 17:41   No.605    DZf9WH1GL
Love your blog and love your mom and love your work and love you too! You are a very lovely young lady and Grandpa and I are very proud of you! Grandma Borelli

housemates    by Shiela   Date : 2015/10/26(Mon) 20:03    No.602    Japan   
Hello! I'm very happy to have found your page, I've been making dolls using your patterns. The dolls keep me company and making them really helps me to relieve stress. =) I usually give them as a gift. I also used your patter to make dolls inspired by my cousin's artworks. Thank you very much for sharing your talent.

Re: housemates - Himanshu    2015/12/02(Wed) 17:40   No.604    kPWHQ0ZgJ086
Hi Diana Isn't it great to feel organised?! I love Halloween and I am never ready for it! Your imgeas are fab - the faces have just the right amount of manic! Halloween just has to have that. Good luck with the new book - how exciting. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 5

Dragon Nest Cleric doll    by Susumu Aoki   Date : 2013/11/17(Sun) 15:24    No.540    Russia   
I finally made him!
This is my second doll and the first FINISHED.
It was a pain with the inner skin layer. He has scars. Below his skin :E It also... Ohhh, he took so much from me to do!.. Dyeing the skin with tea and acrylic, sewing by hands cuz sewing machine is broke...
...And I love him. He is so cute~

Re: Dragon Nest Cleric doll - Gravehopper    2013/11/26(Tue) 20:28   No.542    UK
Really lovely, well done! especially without a sewing machine.

Re: Dragon Nest Cleric doll - Christine    2014/01/19(Sun) 09:00   No.553    UK
Excellent! I want to make one now :-) I love the hair too!

My nekomimi doll - Christine    2014/01/27(Mon) 03:26   No.555    UK
Enjoyed making this polar bear . Great pattern. Easy to understand too.

Nekomimi doll - Christine    2014/01/30(Thu) 08:24   No.556    UK
Thankyou for pattern. I enjoyed making this very much!

Re: Dragon Nest Cleric doll - Kiran    2015/12/02(Wed) 17:37   No.603    FLEMN7sK
ok so i cheated and looekd early perks of being a photog friend! girl i LOOOOVE your blog and you!!! the post about you and your mom, SO SWEET!!! you two are just precious. congrats on some amazing accomplishments, you rock! xoxo trish

My dolls    by Linda   Date : 2010/02/10(Wed) 05:57    No.352    RSA   
Thank you , I love making your dolls.
This is three of my dolls I made from Runo's doll patterns
I've used the nekomimi body with heads from the other doll patterns.

Re: My dolls - Julie    2010/02/14(Sun) 21:13   No.353    England
The dolls faces are beautiful, have you hand painted them?
You have done a remarkable job on each one of them.

Re: My dolls - Linda    2010/02/16(Tue) 02:50   No.354    RSA
Thank you Julie,
Yes, it is hand painted

Re: My dolls - Nga Nguyen    2010/03/23(Tue) 01:24   No.363    Việt Nam
very cute. :X how long did u make them?

Re: My dolls - Carol    2015/10/03(Sat) 15:11   No.601    USA
I am making a cloth doll for my six year old granddaughter. I have finished the body but am disappointed that the pattern's head has no chin. I love the head/face of the middle doll in your photo. What pattern did you use for this one?.

Failed Ferret    by Star    Date : 2009/01/11(Sun) 14:36    No.241    USA   
I tried to attempt Runo's ferret, and I failed terribly. It is not Runo's fault; her patterns are always very good. Runo makes a wonderful ferret. Mine is a weasel. I will practice hard and try to do better in the future. My suggestion is to always make head gusset the same color as body, not like I did with a lighter color, or ferret will look like a skunk. Also eyes too far apart looks like obese squirrel instead of ferret.

Re: Failed Ferret - Mandy    2009/08/31(Mon) 22:19   No.308    
Well,I think he/she looks wonderful. :)

Re: Failed Ferret - Audrey    2010/05/31(Mon) 01:36   No.377    USA
I think it's really cute! The only thing I would do different is to use furry fabric.

Re: Failed Ferret - Ilavenil    2010/07/27(Tue) 22:08   No.402    India
Come on, that's cute!

Re: Failed Ferret - Draketeeth    2013/12/11(Wed) 08:16   No.546    
I don't think that's a fail, it's so cute! The eyes always turn out funny for me, I never have gotten the hang of those things. The different color head piece is nice, it gives the critter character. Nice job!

Dachsund!!    by Samantha   Date : 2010/07/25(Sun) 03:29    No.399    USA   
I haven't made a stuffed animal for a long time, and this was my first time working with fur. I can't way my parents appreciated having orange fur all over the floor... but I'm pretty happy with the results!! I don't think I'll make another one, though, because I don't have a whole lot of patience and as a 13 year old that's always going from one thing to another, I don't have a ton of time to make one.
But because it's summer, it took me 2 days to finish.
Which still felt like forever because I could only do a few stitches at a time since I had places to be and things to do.(:
And, no, it doesn't have eyes yet. I could only find 18 mm ones.

Re: Dachsund!! - Jada    2010/08/05(Thu) 13:29   No.404    Florida
i have the EXACT same story, its not even funny.

Re: Dachsund!! - Samantha    2010/08/19(Thu) 04:01   No.407    USA
Oh, wow, yours is so nice! I love it!
I finally got eyes for it and I made a collar from the clip on an old lanyard and some scraps of fabric.(:

Re: Dachsund!! - Jada    2010/08/26(Thu) 08:32   No.408    
Oh awesome =) it wouldnt be good if it had no eyes =|

Re: Dachsund!! - Jen    2010/12/11(Sat) 12:17   No.424    USA
Yay for 13 year old sewers! I haven't made one of these yet, but my pattern is ready. Do your friends all beg you to make them something too? Heehee :P

Re: Dachsund!! - Jada!    2011/09/07(Wed) 07:48   No.458    
omfg yes! and then you try and screw up badly. =( it sucks.

my little witch    by frederica   Date : 2013/01/07(Mon) 23:32    No.519    Austria   
I made her from an old T-Shirt of my son, and an old jersey-bed-cloth (body). Thank you for the pattern!

Mew (Terry Kitty)    by EmbersOfOmega   Date : 2010/02/21(Sun) 10:58    No.355    Maryland, USA   
I started making these last year after a co-worker pointed out this website to me. Needless to say, I am in love with making them now! I've changed the pattern up just a little bit and have scaled it down some, so the kitty only stands about 5 inches high from ear to toe. :) I made it for my father as a father's day gift.

Keith and Tullulah    by Elaine    Date : 2015/08/02(Sun) 00:28    No.591    Texas USA   
Hello, my name is Elaine. I have autism and sewing is how I show my creativity. I made these two nekomimi dolls one was made using runo's tall boy pattern. His name is Keith. His little sister, Tullulah, was made using the nekomimi pattern with arms from the merman pattern. I modified her arms since they were too long. But I absolutely love them! I have been fasinated by runo's work since I was 13. Thanks for sharing your awesome patterns, Runo. You are quite an inspiration!

Hippie nekomimi    by Elaine    Date : 2015/07/31(Fri) 23:44    No.590    Texas USA   
This is my first success of the tall boy pattern. I made one years ago and the fingers turned out terrible. But my sewing has improved and here's my catboy hippie, whom I named Axle. He has glasses but I can't find them at the moment.

Miku Hatsune doll    by Kuromi   Date : 2015/07/06(Mon) 04:03    No.589    Finland   
Thank you Runo for this awesome pattern! Miku is 66cm (22 in) tall and made with basic girl doll pattern. :)
I made the legs shorter and bigger breasts for her. I also made only one layer of fabric because I didn't want to make so many layers and to save fabric for more dolls <3

Arigato, Runo!

Basic Doll    by Delphine   Date : 2014/06/26(Thu) 07:40    No.572    France   
It is through your work that I started sewing with lot of joy . My first basic doll :)
Merci beaucoup Mademoiselle Runo

Re: Basic Doll - Jana Tat    2014/07/05(Sat) 16:54   No.577    
Very beautifully!!!

Re: Basic Doll - Delphine    2014/07/05(Sat) 20:28   No.578    
Thank you for your comment Jana, it encourages me to continue and do even better :)

Re: Basic Doll - Jana Tat    2014/07/06(Sun) 16:48   No.579    Ukraine
Necessarily! It is impossible to decide on attained! 4 back I too began to sew dolls due to Runo,and now I can not stop:-) I Wish creative successes to you!

Re: Basic Doll - Saku    2015/04/08(Wed) 16:27   No.588    
Wow!!! Can she stand on her own?

My firts doll, size life    by Reyna   Date : 2013/04/30(Tue) 04:27    No.533    M騙ico   
Hello, Runo many thanks for sharing your work in such a fantastic page ♥.
Franki I present is my first doll (soft sculpture) by reference to your patterns. is actual size and represents a small child.
I'll make some more dolls for a full-titling project.
Again thank you very much ♥.
Friendly greetings from Mexico.

Re: My firts doll, size life - bunny    2015/01/24(Sat) 09:35   No.586    usa
I love how you designed the face ! c:

Krishna dolls    by Tatiana   Date : 2008/01/05(Sat) 05:40    No.136    Slovenia   
from the left to the right: Krishna, Radharani, Balarama and another Krishna.

Re: Krishna dolls - Kerry Connor    2008/01/05(Sat) 12:54   No.137    U.S.A
That's very, very nice!!!!!

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2008/01/05(Sat) 18:41   No.138    Slovenia
Actually, here is only Krishna. I mistakenly send another picture.

Re: Krishna dolls - preeti    2008/06/10(Tue) 04:38   No.176    DE
Hare Krishna Tatiana..I also tried to made a Krishan doll, i came out Ok , not so nice..I just wanted to now how do you paint the faces....they look so professional..

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2008/06/11(Wed) 16:30   No.177    Slovenia
I made a paper pattern for eyes and than fist line it with a very thin permanent pencil (for writing on CD - STEADTLER no. S), and after with thin paintbrush and textile colors. I do the same with the mouth. First with thin red permanent pencil, and after very little with paintbrush. I hope it helps you. Send a picture of your doll.

Re: Krishna dolls - preeti    2008/06/12(Thu) 19:36   No.178    DE
Thanks Tatiana for the information.
I would also try to do the same next time.
I would take a picture of my doll and post it here very soon (the batteries are down , needs to be recharged)

Do you also have patterns for doing there dresses?

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2008/06/13(Fri) 02:12   No.179    Slovenia
Yes, I made patterns for dresses, and are very simple.

Re: Krishna dolls - mirabai    2008/09/12(Fri) 07:28   No.192    australia
Tatiana these krishna dolls are absolutely beautiful. In my opinion i believe that what makes them so genuine is your ability to place a part of yourself into the creation of the supreme. I would love to buy a copy of the pattern if your willing to share them...

Re: Krishna dolls - ragg    2008/09/18(Thu) 17:23   No.194    ta
a dolls are absolutely beautiful. In my opinion i believe that what makes them so genuine is your ability to place a part of yourself into the creation of the supreme. I would love to buy a copy of the patter

Re: Krishna dolls - sly    2008/09/21(Sun) 08:26   No.199    Canada
I really like your doll. I'm in the process of making mine, but i've run in to some problems with the head. Somehow i just can't figure it out. So i was wondering if you could help me out with that. My problem is matching the pattern pieces to form the head. I'm an experienced tailor.

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2008/09/21(Sun) 15:31   No.201    Slovenia
Dear Sly. I found on Runo's website very nice explanation how to put pieces of head together in the instructions how to make Big girl. (Also at Kimono girl. I used Nekomimi head.)

Re: Krishna dolls - Alex    2008/10/08(Wed) 20:58   No.214    United Kingdom
hi i love the dolls that you have made they are amazing. what pattern did you use and what pattern did you use to cret the hands? keep up with the good work. email back asap please and thank you Alex xx :)

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2008/11/06(Thu) 04:50   No.226    Slovenia
Hi, dear Alex. Sorry for delay, I just found your mail now. I was absent for 3 weeks and didn't have access to internet. I used Nekomimi pattern, except hands. Hands are combination of Nekomimi and small boy, with some correction (fingers.)

Re: Krishna dolls - Mina    2008/11/12(Wed) 13:08   No.228    USA
Hey I dont know if you still use your email address but I'd really appreciate it if you could send me the pattern for your Krishna dolls. It'd be nice to make one for my friend :)

Re: Krishna dolls - mirabai    2008/11/12(Wed) 18:54   No.230    australia
hi there me again...i just recently checked back and saw your reply...i sent you and email to the address you have given Mina so i hope you receive it...thank you so very much

Re: Krishna dolls - Star    2008/12/17(Wed) 19:09   No.238    USA
Hi! I have sent you an email asking for information on how to make my own. Hopefully I do not bother you. Thank you very much for sharing pictures of your beautiful dolls online.

Re: Krishna dolls - sesa109    2009/01/24(Sat) 08:37   No.246    
do you sell your krsna dolls???? i'm trying to find one for my baby boy. please let me know if you do!!!

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2009/01/24(Sat) 23:17   No.247    Slovenia
I can.

Re: Krishna dolls - sesa108    2009/01/31(Sat) 03:38   No.248    
Thank you! I sent you an e-mail this morning.

Re: Krishna dolls - Queen Cee    2009/12/30(Wed) 04:03   No.331    Canada
Peace Tatiyana!

I am going to make a few dolls for my daughter as I find it really hard to find dolls of different ethnicities for her. So I'm starting off by making a little Black doll that she can identify with and then from there add other ethnicities to the collection. Can you give me some tips, pointers and advice on the process you used to make your BEAUTIFUL dolls. Which patterns and such? Difficulties?

Thanks you for your time! My email is

Queen Cee

Re: Krishna dolls - Maarit    2010/04/14(Wed) 02:24   No.369    Finland
Very, Very good, kind and lovely eyes!

Re: Krishna dolls - Kalindi    2012/02/24(Fri) 04:52   No.469    
These are the most beautiful Krishna dolls I have seen. If you ever make them to sell,please contact me!

Re: Krishna dolls - this_chick25    2012/08/05(Sun) 15:48   No.496    USA
These are gorgeous! I am especially impressed by the lovely eyes on all of them, and their intricate jewelry.

Re: Krishna dolls - stellie    2013/10/28(Mon) 07:35   No.538    france
do you sell your krsna dolls???? i'm trying to find one for my baby boy. please let me know if you do
email is i'm from france is possibility?

Re: Krishna dolls - Prety    2013/12/09(Mon) 03:58   No.545    USA
Hi! I wanted to know if you sell these dolls?

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2013/12/29(Sun) 06:03   No.550    Slovenia
Dear Prety, Kalindi and Stellie, I just saw your comments...
Sometimes I sell them, but at the moment I don't have any one of them available.

Re: Krishna dolls - Preetha    2014/06/30(Mon) 18:07   No.576    Singapore
Hello! Do you have any available for sale now?

Re: Krishna dolls - Tatiana    2014/07/14(Mon) 01:20   No.580    Slovenia
Sorry, no.

Re: Krishna dolls - akshu    2014/07/22(Tue) 17:09   No.581    australia
Haribol mataji. Can you help me in making krishna nd radherani for my child. I would be highly obliged if you could send me detailed instructions on how to do this..patterns, painting tips etc. My email is Awaiting your reply. Thanks in advance. Hare Krishna.

Re: Krishna dolls - Toma    2014/08/07(Thu) 06:20   No.582    Russia
Hi, Tatiana, cen you send to me pickchers of yors Radharani and Balaram. How do they look? Your Krishna is very beautiful.

Re: Krishna dolls - Chunga    2014/12/30(Tue) 07:55   No.585    Hungary
Dear Tatiana! I'm in love with your works! Please let me know if you still do dolls made to order! If yes, could you write me an email where we could talk about the details? Cuz what i would order is not exactly a krishna doll, but i hope you could do it! :) my adress: or please write me your adress you use :)

Shiva deity    by Tatiana   Date : 2008/03/05(Wed) 14:51    No.158    Slovenia   
This is Lord Shiva the destroyer of evil qualities. He has trident and damaru drum. Ganga river flows from his hair, Moon decorates his forehead and he is ornamented with cobra snake.

Re: Shiva deity - T.C.    2008/04/30(Wed) 08:30   No.166    USA
This doll is amazing how do you make them? Are you willing to sell?

Re: Shiva deity - Tatiana    2008/05/01(Thu) 17:16   No.169    Slovenia
I use modified pattern of Slim Santa Claus, legs are made on a tall boy way, head is from Nekomimi pattern. This doll is already taken.

Re: Shiva deity - enrico    2008/10/16(Thu) 21:25   No.218    philippines
can u make one for me i really love your doll

Re: Shiva deity - Tatiana    2008/11/05(Wed) 01:54   No.225    Slovenia
Hi, Enrico, if you want, I can do one Shiva for you.

Re: Shiva deity - krishna    2008/11/16(Sun) 07:28   No.231    
your dolls are very good..I've been trying to make some hindu dolls as such for a long time..
could you let me to do this please..
I mean the pattern and the instructions..
I want to know how you did the posture along with the the accessories..thanks in advance

Re: Shiva deity - Tatiana    2008/11/16(Sun) 21:18   No.232    Slovenia
Dear Krishna, as I already mentioned above, I found all instructions on Runo's home page, studied all her available instructions for different dolls, and then try to make something out of that. So, you can see her instructions, they are very, very good, and easy to follow.

Re: Shiva deity - Sri    2014/10/30(Thu) 23:30   No.584    

BakenekoChan    by Daisy   Date : 2014/06/29(Sun) 17:26    No.575    Italy   
Thank you very much for your great patterns. I used the patterns of the Kimono doll and the minidoll (edited sizes) to make this creepy cat lady. Just love her so much!

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