For my grand daughters    by Bobbie   Date : 2010/12/04(Sat) 22:27    No.423    South Africa   
Thanks so much for sharing these patterns. I have had so much fun making these dolls for my granddaughters

Dachshund for all!    by Tibor   Date : 2010/11/03(Wed) 19:33    No.419    Hungary   
Thank you for your patterns Nuno! In particular the dachshund helped me out greatly when my kids asked for a stuffed dog.

Sorry about the neon pink fur, my daughter specifically requested a pink dog. Since I am a 36-year-old guy you can imagine the look on the shopkeepers' face when I went for the "Big Pink Fur Hunt". :) Fortunately my son has a more manly taste and was satisfied with a short-haired brown version.

Thank you again for the other patterns as well, I will surely do some of those too.

None - Tibor    2010/11/03(Wed) 20:39   No.420    Hungary
Here are also Sleepy the cat and William the bunny. I made the cat for my son's 2nd Christmas and the bunny for my daughter's. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to design my own patterns so I made them from a very good Hungarian book.

Elephant    by Zina   Date : 2010/10/12(Tue) 19:45    No.416    Australia

Thank you for the Elephant and pumpkin patterns it is so kind of you to share your patterns with others :)
I had so much fun making these.

Re: Elephant - Alessandra    2010/10/18(Mon) 01:38   No.418    italy
it's really nice!

Ben10    by Alessandra   Date : 2010/10/17(Sun) 21:52    No.417    italy   
Here my second Ben10... better than the first.. ;P

Terry cat    by Ilavenil   Date : 2010/07/27(Tue) 15:30    No.401    India   
I love this design. It is simple to sew and great to look at. Kids love it. I improvised a little by cutting the eyes and nose out of sticker kumkum (bindi), and soaking embroidery thread in a thick starch solution to make whiskers. Thank you very much, Runo.

Thanks very much Runo    by Frances   Date : 2010/07/24(Sat) 12:18    No.398    Mexico   
I live in Mexico and I would like to thanks a lot Runo for sharing his beautiful creations and tehcniques to all us. When I found his page I fall in love of his work and appreciate very much the generosity and the opportunity he gave me and everyone with have this passion to learn from him because not many people usually like to share their knowledgement. I send a picture of one of my dolls, Bruno Trebolin, I inspired on my son. I would like to send more but only one can be sent. Thanks a lot Runo, I love you!!

parhaps the first was    by alessandra   Date : 2010/07/14(Wed) 19:30    No.394    italy   

Re: parhaps the first was - alessandra    2010/07/15(Thu) 06:38   No.395    italy
the first photo was too much small

nekomimi dolls :)    by alessandra   Date : 2010/05/16(Sun) 03:58    No.375    italy   
I love Runo's works, all of them are really particular, and it's very nice to have the patterns.
Cathy is my first doll made on a pattern, and my sixth doll.
I like marmaid dolls too, I'm making one, but the face will be in cold porcelain

Re: nekomimi dolls :) - alessandra    2010/07/07(Wed) 04:23   No.392    italy
here particulars

marmaid Eve    by alessandra   Date : 2010/06/13(Sun) 06:20    No.382    italy   
finally I've done her, I'm happy, and I hope you will like her!

Re: marmaid Eve - Candice Wells    2010/06/30(Wed) 07:57   No.390    USA
She is so beautiful. I want to make a mermaid doll now. Great Job!

Re: marmaid Eve - alessandra    2010/07/05(Mon) 06:11   No.391    italy
thank you Candice Wells! I'd like to see your marmaid when she would be finished! I'm making the second, is quite the same because they ask to have a second Eve... her name will be Ely ... she's without arms... now...

Forte (from Rockman)    by TheGeekyOne   Date : 2010/04/06(Tue) 07:52    No.367    England   

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for your patterns, Runo - I have learned so much from them.

Here is a picture of a doll that I made - he is Forte, a robot from the Rockman video games that are made by Capcom Co., Ltd..

He was made completely by hand, and took two years to finish (I wanted to make sure that he was perfect). The dolls with him are officially-manufactured Rockman dolls - I did not make them.

To make Forte, I used a slightly modified version of the head pattern from the Tall Boy Doll pattern, and a larger body that was based on the Nekomimi Doll body pattern. I made all of the other parts of the pattern by myself.

I wrote some more about him on my website - .

I hope everyone likes him.

Re: Forte (from Rockman) - Julie    2010/04/08(Thu) 03:54   No.368    England
Abosolutly fantastic, all your hard work has paid off.
He looks so much better then the others.


Re: Forte (from Rockman) - TheGeekyOne    2010/04/14(Wed) 17:46   No.370    England
Thankyou very much, Julie - your kind words are greatly appreciated. :)

Re: Forte (from Rockman) - wildcard    2010/06/17(Thu) 19:31   No.387    Austria
Your Forte looks great! I hpe to make a miniature of him, Blues and Metal soon as well ^^ Already got Cutman <3

Good job

Re: Forte (from Rockman) - alessandra    2010/06/19(Sat) 18:36   No.388    italy
simply beautiful!

I made my first doll!!    by Karenina   Date : 2009/06/17(Wed) 12:00    No.276    Mxico   
This is my first doll

his name is Franz

Thanks for your patterns, theyre wonderful!!

I comment in Nuno Life this July (2009)

I love your work, I hope I can be as good as you are!!!

Now about my doll:

It take me 2 weeks to finish it
(well, he doesnt have shoes, i cant find the materials)
He has blue eyes and blond hair
I wanted to dress him with clothes from year 1600

I maked some mistakes, but Ill get better

I will send you a picture

of other of my inventions

Wen I finish them

Thanks!! :)

Re: I made my first doll!! - Karenina    2009/06/18(Thu) 08:13   No.277    Mxico
this is another picture!!

congratulations !!!! - Quercus Rubra    2009/06/21(Sun) 18:50   No.280    France
I've found Frantz very cute!! keep on making dolls!!!

Re: I made my first doll!! - Candice    2009/07/02(Thu) 07:22   No.284    USA
He's so cute! I love the 1600's style clothes. Good Job!

Re: I made my first doll!! - Aeroai    2010/06/11(Fri) 03:15   No.380    USA
he's amazing! ^^ um, i have a few questions. did you use the tall boy pattern, how did you do the hair, and did you make the clothes? if not, where did you get them?

Re: I made my first doll!! - alessandra    2010/06/12(Sat) 04:31   No.381    italy
very very nice!!!! I hope it will not be the only... work again....! :))

Second Born    by Aeroai   Date : 2010/06/10(Thu) 16:52    No.379    USA   
This was the second doll i ever made. I made her about.... four years ago. I was deeply inspired by you, Runo. I wanted a doll that was positionable, and could have clothes changed. This is the second one I ever made, and she was hand sewn, with no pattern. I have made many more, and will post photos of them later.

Kimono Doll "Tomoko"    by Nadine   Date : 2010/05/11(Tue) 20:21    No.374    Germany   
Your pattern for the Kimono Doll was very helpful.
Mine didn't work out quite as beautifully as yours (crippled hands, arms too long, legs uneven) but I still like her very much.
I'm still working on a kimono (haven't found suitable cloth yet), but for the time being I made her a Yukata that I think is very pretty. ^__^

Re: Kimono Doll "Tomoko&q... - John    2010/05/20(Thu) 18:28   No.376    
Very cute ;)

Dolls    by Seiryuu-san   Date : 2010/05/11(Tue) 11:01    No.373    Canada   
By using the pattern for the Tall Boy I made a Spock doll.

inspiracion para runo    by martha   Date : 2010/04/21(Wed) 07:39    No.372    mexico   
todas mis bendiciones para runo que es fuente de inpiracion para muchas personas en especial en mi. admiro muchyo su trabajo no me canso de ver su galeria. y cada dia aprendo algo nuevo. mi primera runo

Ewe Hogg    by Lizardie   Date : 2008/11/23(Sun) 21:35    No.233    Italy, Russia   
Once upon a time I decided to put everything in order in my "treasury" (the place where I keep my doll-making staff). Almost hopeless business, by the way. I noticed that two fabrics - light grey curly acrylic and dark grey wool go very well with each other. Actually, that time I planned to make quite another toy, but I was so exited by the harmony of the combination of these two fabrics, that I started to make this Ewe immediately (even gave up to make up my "treasury").

The height of the sheep is 15 cm. The hoofs are made from wood. She has got a tiny glass pendant. I really like her eyes. They are shining from "inside", from the very bottom. I managed to make them by myself. Frankly speaking, I found out the way of making such kind of eyes by accident.

The Ewe is a bit fat, but very tender with sweet expression of big shining eyes with long eyelashes.

Re: Ewe Hogg - Berna    2009/03/22(Sun) 02:13   No.258    South Africa
Im very interesting about the eyes? What did you do to let it shine from the inside? And what patron did you used? I would love to make one myself. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Re: Ewe Hogg - Amanda    2010/04/18(Sun) 16:24   No.371    USA
Holy Mercy this is AMAZING!!

Doll    by Karina   Date : 2007/02/15(Thu) 23:27    No.81    England   
I made this doll using kimono doll patterns and she is nice. I couldn't make the fingers separately because I couldnt'n find the right material, but she is nice anyway, thanks a lot for your lovely patterns.

Re: Doll - sylvia    2010/04/04(Sun) 06:43   No.365    
where is that pattern located at?

Re: Doll - jada    2010/04/04(Sun) 22:48   No.366    austrlia
how did you make the shoes and the skirt? i love the outfit.

My New Tall Girl    by Julie   Date : 2010/02/07(Sun) 03:40    No.351    England   
Hello everybody,
I have just finished making other new tall girl,I have also made her some clothes and these pyjamas which she has on in the photo.
I love making these creations thanks to Runo's easy to follow patterns.My next task is to make some pets for them.

Guys can be creative too    by Luis   Date : 2008/09/10(Wed) 07:20    No.190    Mexico   
Hi, Im Luis and Im 16 years old, This is the first doll i make, I knoe isnt perfect, but I hope Ill imroprove my technique with practice, also, I have no sewing machine, so the doll is all hand sewn, this is a proof that women arent the only one creative
I hope you like it

Re: Guys can be creative too - mai    2008/09/11(Thu) 00:22   No.191    japan
I think she's just lovely!!! I like her! The colour is very nice too.

Re: Guys can be creative too - Anita    2010/01/31(Sun) 12:51   No.350    USA
Of course guys can be creative! I think your doll is wonderful, especially as she's your first! Keep at it!

Mariane Dolls    by Mariane   Date : 2010/01/15(Fri) 19:58    No.342    Australia   
Thank you SO much for your mini doll pattern Runo. I first made a doll for me, then an Aunty liked it and wanted one. Now I make custom made dolls. I hope you like them.

Re: Mariane Dolls - Kerry    2010/01/16(Sat) 10:29   No.344    
These are the most precious dolls I have ever seen!!! I really love the Madonna one that is so creatively awesome!!!!!

Re: Mariane Dolls - Mariane    2010/01/17(Sun) 05:51   No.346    Australia
Thanks Kerry, I really do love making them and get quite sad when they go to their new homes.

Re: Mariane Dolls - Mariane    2010/01/27(Wed) 13:49   No.349    Australia
Here's my latest Mariane Doll

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