Felt Horse    by BearCoatPei   Date : 2012/05/17(Thu) 05:47    No.486    UK   
This is my little horse that I made from your zebra pattern. Thanks Runo. I love your patterns and hope to try more of them in the future.

My old fashion doll    by Maggie   Date : 2011/12/15(Thu) 18:54    No.463    England   
I made my own body patern but the head was made using Runo's patern. I think she has turned out realy well. thank you Runo.

The Sorrow    by Chelsea   Date : 2010/09/01(Wed) 06:17    No.409    United States   
I used the tall boy doll pattern, yet I shrunk it down to about a third of the size. For my first doll I think I did a decent job. All hand sewn as well, alot of work, but very fun to make. I added some changes to the design for fit my purposes better.

Cuvier Safiro doll    by Seneca   Date : 2011/12/10(Sat) 14:02    No.461    USA   
I made this doll using the nekomimi doll pattern. His name is Cuvier Safiro, and I made him as a gift for the writer of a story that I am reading.
Thank you, Runo! I visit your site a lot. Your patterns and dolls are wonderful.

Re: Cuvier Safiro doll - Julie    2011/12/13(Tue) 14:28   No.462    
He is adorable! Great job!

Re: Cuvier Safiro doll - john    2012/03/03(Sat) 11:26   No.470    america
cuuuuuuuute! is he a fantroll? :3

my doll    by Paula   Date : 2010/10/06(Wed) 02:56    No.415       
Thank you so much for your patterns, Runo. I had fun making these.

dolls    by Tatiana   Date : 2012/03/15(Thu) 22:37    No.472    Ukraine   
thanks so much for the head pattern, here's what I got when ineresno see my other dolls here is a link http://kukli.ucoz.ru/photo

cloth dolls    by jeanette   Date : 2012/01/08(Sun) 13:04    No.468    usa   
Thanks for your inspiring site. You do amazing work!

Adele    by Patgel   Date : 2011/05/09(Mon) 02:04    No.449    Ireland   
Hi Runo
This is my first doll, Her name is Adele.She loves music. She sings and plays piano.

Many thanks for the patterns, they are great. I was looking forwards to make dolls to apply all the things i been learning for years with textiles. I never had time, now that I can I found your website, you are very generous, your handout are really clear and useful.
I machine embroidered the fabric for the dress and a french knicker, Also I was trying some beading.
I felt that I have to make a few changes to own my dolls, however your teaching is wonderful. Hope to come back soon with something new.
Again many thanks.

Re: Adele - Maggie    2011/12/15(Thu) 19:20   No.464    England
how beautiful. It might be your first doll but your skill shows.

Radha krishna dolls    by Gururaja    Date : 2011/11/16(Wed) 19:39    No.459    India   
Hi Runo,
With the help of the patterns that you have shared
I was able to make the dolls of Lord Krishna , hindu God and his love Radha. To make the face I used plaster of paris. I would like to thank you for your blog without which this would not have been possible.

I'm Old Gregg!    by heathenlyhues   Date : 2011/01/09(Sun) 04:44    No.431    USA   
made this from canvas and paint and an awful lot of love.

Re: I'm Old Gregg! - Chrystal    2011/09/02(Fri) 10:17   No.457    Canada
Good job. you made my day by making this doll. You deserve a glass of Bailey's!

my doll    by Maria   Date : 2011/08/18(Thu) 18:34    No.455    Ukraine   
Let me introduce you Charlie the clown with his well-trained smart piggy

nekomimi    by fanjaitra   Date : 2011/04/23(Sat) 21:34    No.447    Reunion   
She's my first nekomimi doll. I love her. Thank a lot Runo for your pattern.

My First Doll    by Ellie Ryan   Date : 2011/03/09(Wed) 09:50    No.443    USA   
Made from Runo's life sized baby pattern. Turned out okay, but I kind of messed up the hair. (and the skin is way too pale)

Re: My First Doll - Janel    2011/03/09(Wed) 18:30   No.444    Australia
I like your doll it looks great skin collie is ok

My big girl dolls    by Tina   Date : 2011/02/28(Mon) 06:31    No.440    USA   
I made these dolls for my daughter and my niece. They love them and will be cherished for many years to come. Thank you so much for the patterns to make such wonderful gifts for my girls.

Terry Cats    by Lonster   Date : 2008/12/15(Mon) 21:20    No.237    Germany   
These two cats are made with the pattern "terry cats". They are really made of two towels as christmas gifts for two little girls from the neighborhood.

Re: Terry Cats - jo    2011/02/02(Wed) 08:57   No.439    ireland
i love these little cats so original good job

fiu baba    by Zsuzsanna   Date : 2011/01/10(Mon) 06:23    No.435    Hungaria   
Rudi baba pulcsiba

fiu baba    by Zsuzsanna   Date : 2011/01/10(Mon) 01:59    No.432    Hungaria   
kedvenc babテ。m
valテウban sok munka van vele:)

Alana The Lioness Doll    by Kat   Date : 2011/01/05(Wed) 10:03    No.428    USA   
I made this doll out of the baby doll pattern and also made the clothes by hand. This was for a spanish project of mine and I am really proud of how she came out

elf doll    by Fanjaitra   Date : 2010/12/22(Wed) 14:05    No.425    R騏nion   
I live in R騏nion Island. I've done this doll for my daughter with her old pajamas and bed sheet because she's far away from home now for her studies. I've used Runo busty girl pattern. Thank a lot for him.

Re: elf doll - nam nam    2010/12/27(Mon) 12:20   No.427    usa

Rena    by Donna   Date : 2010/12/27(Mon) 09:25    No.426    USA   
Thank you so much for being so generous in sharing your patterns! This is a doll I made for my daughter using the Nekomimi pattern. It is Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

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