Our First christmas    by Julie   Date : 2010/01/11(Mon) 04:21    No.340    England   
This is my new doll family created by me and inspired from Runo and all the fabulous dolls on this guest board. As you can see there are 3 of them,they are Daisy [the big girl], Niki [the nekomimi]and baby Maisie.
Thank you Runo for making this all possible.

Re: Our First christmas - Kerry    2010/01/13(Wed) 08:56   No.341    Canada
You've done a splendid job on your doll family, looks like three little children on the sofa! Very adorable!! I can appreciate all the work that goes into making these dolls and you've sure put a lot of effort into each one. Very nice!

Re: Our First christmas - Julie    2010/01/16(Sat) 21:58   No.345    England
Hi Kerry,
Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.I love the way you have included a little belly button in your doll.The pictures you have are amazing.Are you still making them?

Star    by Molly   Date : 2008/03/10(Mon) 18:48    No.160    Alaska, USA   
This was so much fun! Thanks Runo for your pattern. :) You made a very long winter really enjoyable! This is my first cloth doll. It's been a challange, my sewing skills are minimal. But with your great pictures and instructions I was able to put her together. Now she wants lot's more clothes!

Re: Star - radika    2008/03/29(Sat) 18:41   No.162    ALASKA
This wonderful doll (Star) has quickly become an icon in our state of Alaska.
We all are looking forward to more of Molly's fine creations.

Thanks for the LOVE!!,,,,


Re: Star - Molly    2009/01/09(Fri) 09:57   No.240    Alaska
Star jus' stopped by to say hi!

Re: Star - lanika    2010/01/03(Sun) 11:29   No.336    jamaica
how did u do it..i love the hair, what did u use? especially the togetherness of the doll(^_^) i hope to start making my own doll soon

Re: Star - lee    2010/01/07(Thu) 01:14   No.339    usa
very gorgeous doll.

Corduroy Dachshund    by Lindi Hight   Date : 2009/12/30(Wed) 13:10    No.332    USA   
Thanks for the nice pattern! It was easier to make than I thought. I used corduroy for the body and crushed velvet for the nose. My son adores him.

Re: Corduroy Dachshund - Kerry    2010/01/02(Sat) 01:44   No.335    Canada
He's adorable good job!!

My Big Girl Doll    by K Lyons   Date : 2009/09/22(Tue) 01:34    No.309    Canada   
I made Rose using Runo's big girl pattern..

Re: My Big Girl Doll - k Lyons    2009/09/22(Tue) 09:33   No.310    Canada
Terry Cloth Kitties

Re: My Big Girl Doll - K Lyons    2009/09/24(Thu) 02:57   No.313    Canada
Nikomimi and Piggy

Re: My Big Girl Doll - Candice    2009/11/28(Sat) 08:11   No.322    
They are all so cute!! Great job

Re: My Big Girl Doll - K Lyons    2009/11/30(Mon) 23:55   No.323    Canada
Thank you so much Candice :)

Chibi Doll    by Quercus Rubra   Date : 2009/09/22(Tue) 20:25    No.311    France   
This is a mini doll in maid suite.

Re: Chibi Doll - k lyons    2009/09/22(Tue) 22:44   No.312    Canada
She's really pretty! Good Job!!!

Re: Chibi Doll - Quercus Rubra    2009/09/24(Thu) 16:02   No.314    
Thanks very mutch!!!

My Home made dolls    by Kerry Lyons   Date : 2009/08/10(Mon) 01:15    No.293    Canada   
This one I made for my cousins 19th Birthday using Runo's Nekomimi pattern...

Re: My Home made dolls - Kenshinchan    2009/08/11(Tue) 15:32   No.294    USA
How cute! The bird is such a great touch!

My Homemade Dolls    by Kerry Lyons   Date : 2009/08/09(Sun) 15:12    No.292    Canada   
Hi Runo,
I wanted to thank you so much for the patterns you have posted and the clear instructions on how to make them. For the past two months I've been having so much fun making and creating dolls to give as gifts to friends and family. I've never sewn anything like this before and have been teaching myself in the evenings and think I've done not too bad.
Again Thank you!!

Nekomimi dolls    by Diane   Date : 2009/08/03(Mon) 18:23    No.289    England   
Hi Runo,
I promised a picture of my twin Nekomimi dolls that I was making for my grand-daughter. I'm sure she'll love them. Thank you for your lovely ideas and patterns.


Re: Nekomimi dolls - Jo    2009/08/04(Tue) 00:29   No.290    
Mum they are lovely
You are so clever, Louise is going to love them

Akisa    by Quercus Rubra   Date : 2009/05/04(Mon) 15:11    No.264    France   
This is the new Kimono Doll that I've made. Her name is Akisa

Akisa's back - Quercus Rubra    2009/05/04(Mon) 22:05   No.266    France
This the back style of Akisa.

Akisa's hair style - Quercus Rubra    2009/05/05(Tue) 20:01   No.267    France
This is Akisa's hair style.

Re: Akisa - Karenina    2009/06/18(Thu) 13:17   No.278    M騙ico

what a beautifull doll!!!!

Her kimono itエs awesome!!!

How long do you work to finish her???


Re: Akisa - Quercus Rubra    2009/06/20(Sat) 02:40   No.279    France
Thanks!! :) I've work on this doll a long time, maybe 3 weeks... She's got 3 kimonos on her,shoes and so on.Thanks again for paying atention of this doll.

Inuyasha Dolls    by Katie   Date : 2009/06/16(Tue) 10:18    No.275    USA   
Thank you so much for you're wonderful patterns! I hope to finish the Inuyasha cast off soon!

Doll    by Joan   Date : 2009/06/15(Mon) 03:07    No.274    N.Ireland   
This is my first attempt at Runo's Big Girl Doll, I made her bloomers slighlty longer and made some adjustments to the shoes.

She has no bonnet, as I made a mess of this.

Kon,first stuffed doll    by Laurie   Date : 2009/05/28(Thu) 07:27    No.272    Colombia   
Hello!! Oh i just found this beautiful site, now i wanna make many dolls with all the instructions!! Thank you very much, they are great!!!
Well this is my first stuffed doll, it's Kon from the anime Bleach, i did it whithout instructions, only with my mind and hands, hahaha. That's why it isn't perfect, but i'm proud of it.

Re: Kon,first stuffed doll - Dana    2009/06/10(Wed) 11:21   No.273    
Actually it's a really good interpretation of kon. And it's not far from perfect. If memory srves me right(?) his arms and legs are fatter, that and symmetry is your problem :). Keep at it. I'd love to see a revised edition :).

My first doll    by Tatyana   Date : 2007/04/01(Sun) 18:57    No.82    Slovenia   
Runo, thank you for your generosity to share your talent. This is my first doll made according to your instructions. I wish you, and all wisitors of your page, all the best.

Re: My first doll - CharliChic    2007/05/10(Thu) 17:39   No.100    Australia
Wow, that looks great! I love how you made the face, its very pretty.

Re: My first doll - kennedy    2009/05/25(Mon) 16:33   No.270    england
hay girl well done nise dolltatyana

Five Christmas Gifts    by Elune   Date : 2009/03/13(Fri) 14:32    No.252    Canada   
Hi! For Christmas 2008, I made dolls and plushies for my nephews using Runo's awesome patterns. I loved to make them, especially de minidolls and the pig. <3
Here are the pics. Enjoy!

Re: Five Christmas Gifts - Quercus Rubra    2009/03/13(Fri) 19:22   No.254    France
Merci Elune, I've found your cr饌tions very cute... Un cadeau fait avec ses 10 doigts est un pr駸ent du coeur!!( in english: A present made with your own 10 fingers is a gift fom heart.)Apologize my poor English!! :)

NEKOMIMI from FRANCE    by Sarah P.   Date : 2009/01/12(Mon) 07:00    No.242    France   
My first Nekomimi is also my first machine sewed doll and first time I used a pattern,well it took me long! But I did'nt give up because I intended to give it as a presentto my niece. I'm quiet happy with the result, what do you think? Thanks Runo, this site is great!

Re: NEKOMIMI from FRANCE - quercus Rubra    2009/01/13(Tue) 00:21   No.243    france
superbe!! great!!!

Re: NEKOMIMI from FRANCE - Sarah P    2009/01/17(Sat) 05:54   No.244    France
Thank you :)

Re: NEKOMIMI from FRANCE - quercus.rubra    2009/01/17(Sat) 18:32   No.245    france
it was sincere... http://shinigamidreamsbyquercusrubra.blogspot.com/

Xenosaga doll    by PrincessAV   Date : 2007/05/11(Fri) 06:35    No.101    USA   
This is my second attempt at making a doll based on Runo's Tall Boy pattern (thanks for providing it, Runo!) Managed not to mess up his fingers, but I still need to work on the faces. He's actually the second doll I've ever made, too. This is Allen from Xenosaga--he's borrowing a juban I'm making for another doll I plan to give to a friend.

Re: Xenosaga doll - Lizardie    2008/11/23(Sun) 21:45   No.234    Italy, Russia
I like the expression of his face. As for me, he looks as his neck is a bit tired:)))

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