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nothing really i just want to thank you for your supers cure work <3

sorry for this but i just wanted to thank you for this site, your dolls are super!!!!! cute and i hope to learn how to do them too!!!! <3333
chelemige 2020/3/29

Thank you. I hope you learn and make a lot of dolls. Runo 2020/4/6

The dolls

Hoi, here I am again. I have a question: Can you make One Direction and my lievelings zangeres Bebe Rexha for me? And you know how to make Bebe. And Harry Styles in that clip of 'Adore you'. Okay. Let me know when they are ready, okay. Miss Matty van Overmeeren.
Matty 2020/1/18

I cannot understand. Runo 2020/1/21

Hoï, ik ben mejuffrouw Matty, ik kom uit Sint Jansteen en ik vind jullie poppen heel leuk. Ik had gevraagd of jullie die One Direction jongens en alle 5 wilde maken, maar dat is blijkbaar niet tot jullie doorgedrongen, dacht ik zo, hè. Zouden jullie zo vriendelijk willen zijn om op mijn vraag te reageren? Ik ben trouwens zelf al bezig om die One Direction jongens te maken. Kom nou es terug op mijn vraag. Met vriendelijke groet:
Mejuffrouw Matty. 2020/2/25

I cannot make One Direction poppen. Runo 2020/2/25

Dachshund pattern

I love your patterns but The dachshund body doesn’t have legs on the pattern .
If I add them to the paper pattern should they be placed right on the edge of K and J and I and H. Or should they be placed on top of the letters. Is the J dart right alongside the front leg?? On your example of seeing the dog, there’s no seam lines so I assume the legs have to be added?
Kathy 2020/2/1

As A4 paper is small, the pattern is split. Glue the legs of pattern to the body at I-H and K-J. Runo 2020/2/3

Do you have any dolls you would give away, any any fabric to give away?

Hi Runo, I'm Gabe - I love your instructions on making these dolls, you go into great detail and explain each step carefully, and I wanted to thank you for that. I dont have fabric or anything to make my own doll unfortunately, and me and my family have no money to buy any because we dont make much for things like that, only enough for food and paying bills and other basic needs - I wanted to ask if you might have any old dolls you would give away for my little sisters, because they love dolls, and if you dont, do you have any fabric you could give away? Thank you for your help, and thanks anyway if you cant help, I hope to hear back from you soon!
Gabriel 2020/1/17

I don't have fabric to give away. If you write in SNS, not a few people may send you fabric. Runo 2020/1/21


Hi Runo! I stumbled across your website ages ago, back in 7th grade. It sparked my passion for sewing. Thanks to you, I've done a lot of different projects right now and grew a lot in this craft. This would never happen if it weren't for your detailed instructions and beautiful patterns. Thank you. I admire you a lot.
Jean 2020/1/9

Thank you. I'm glad that my sites are useful for you. Runo 2020/1/15

The pouch for guys underwear

I am in search of a pattern for the pouch only. I do not have any interest in selling/ making money from it if I got one from you. I only have interest in making underwear for my self is there any possible way you would give out a pattern for the pouch only? Thank you for your time
Alan 2019/11/3

I didn't know the pouch you mean. I was surprised when I searched with that word. I don't make such a thing. Sorry. Runo 2019/11/4


My question is about your lovely sheep. If I am usking a different fabric for the face, the shape of the head crown piece would be different, wouldn't it? Do you have a pattern piece for that alternate shape? Thank you! Clare 2018/11/25

You can use the same pattern. The pink part is the face. Runo 2018/11/25
Sheep pattern

Is the "n" on the sheep face pattern a slit dart?
It seems so different than this pattern:
Is it the same sheep?? Thank you. Clare 2018/11/26

"n" is not dart. It is the mark of the top of the chin. You have to see the pattern file.
The above image is the part of the same pattern. Cut off the pink part of the pattern. Use pink as the face.
If you make black masked sheep, cut the face of black fabric. And cut the body of sheep fur fabric. Then sew up the face and the body. is using mono cloth. Runo 2018/11/27

After stuffing dogs

Thank you so much for your patterns.
After stuffing the Golden Retriever Puppy, do you cut away (or do you keep) the seam allowance along the edges of the opening when you’re sewing the edges together with the ladder stitch? Thanks again! Lisa 2018/11/17

I don't cut away. The seam allowance of the opening is necessary. Runo 2018/11/18