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My question is about your lovely sheep. If I am usking a different fabric for the face, the shape of the head crown piece would be different, wouldn't it? Do you have a pattern piece for that alternate shape? Thank you! Clare 2018/11/25

You can use the same pattern. The pink part is the face. Runo 2018/11/25
Sheep pattern

Is the "n" on the sheep face pattern a slit dart?
It seems so different than this pattern:
Is it the same sheep?? Thank you. Clare 2018/11/26

"n" is not dart. It is the mark of the top of the chin. You have to see the pattern file.
The above image is the part of the same pattern. Cut off the pink part of the pattern. Use pink as the face.
If you make black masked sheep, cut the face of black fabric. And cut the body of sheep fur fabric. Then sew up the face and the body. is using mono cloth. Runo 2018/11/27

After stuffing dogs

Thank you so much for your patterns.
After stuffing the Golden Retriever Puppy, do you cut away (or do you keep) the seam allowance along the edges of the opening when you’re sewing the edges together with the ladder stitch? Thanks again! Lisa 2018/11/17

I don't cut away. The seam allowance of the opening is necessary. Runo 2018/11/18