Japan Power

Wonderful websites from Japan. All sites are written in English.

Arts & Humanities

All about Kaoruko Himeno Bibliography and pictures of a talented author whose works are humorous and criticize the present Japanese society.

Ballet Last Night Ballet Tomorrow Night Report of ballet performances.

Boy Dolls Gallery of cloth dolls.

Cute Underwear Making Men's bikinis.

Hanty Handmade underwear.

Maruko's Oz Website Do you love "The Wizard of Oz"?

photo gallery yosi Digital photo gallery by Yosi Nozaki.

Watermelon special fruitcarving site The gallery of fruitcarving by Takashi Itoh, a carving artist.

xgarage Original MIDI by terma.


The gate to darkness Fansite of the 2D fighting game Darkstalkers.

Landolt-C Recommends lots of music CDs and Japanese animations with brief comments.

Opaku's Train Kit Make a web-railroad with moving trains on your page.

Sakura's BME clinic Cardcaptor Sakura fan site.

The Silent Samurai Fan site of Seizo Fukumoto, an actor and sword action specialist in Samurai movies. Plays the silent samurai in "The Last Samurai" of Tom Cruise.

S-Wind Nori's Homepage By a saxophone player. Photos and talks about music.

Tabibito's Ally Ally McBeal fan site written in several languages. A lot of information about the dubbing artists.

News & Media

Japan Research and Analysis through Internet Information Editorials and analyses of social issues by Yasuharu Dando, Japanese science writer of nationwide paper.

Recreation & Sports

Fulhamish Life Fulham Football Club supporting blog.

Let's go fishing together tomorrow.

Sweet Pea Beadwork Original beads accessory gallery.


Cloth Doll Making How to make a Japanese doll.

Live Love Link Kyoto Photos and postcards of Kyoto, a historic place.

Nature and Outdoors in Niigata City Information about Niigata.

Nuno Life Felt mascot and other goods.

Tono Club The introduction to Tono city in Iwate Prefecture. Culture and history of the city with photographs and maps.

Society & Culture

Cute hamster from japan Photos of hamsters. Game, questionnaire, overseas tour and so on.

Invitation to Bon Dancing An epoch-making portal site on Bon Dancing around Japan.

M.W's SITE Entrance Travels around the world.

World Friend Network Japanese penpals for you.

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