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Big polar bear    Name : Amy Lynn   Date : 2018/05/28(Mon) 16:28   No.692   United States   
I am confused about how to sew the tail into the backside. I don't quite understand where you have instructed to "unsew F-T". It is not sewn F-T. I cannot seem to figure this out. I have attempted to improvise, but as I am very much an amateur, I am really finding this step quite difficult.

Re: Big polar bear    Runo : 2018/05/29(Tue) 06:47    No.694   Nippon   

Sorry for mistaken description.
The opening is D-E of the back. I have to correct the page.
When attach the tail, sew up F-G of the body and F-G of the tail.

coo   Name : adangf   Date : 2018/03/19(Mon) 02:53   No.691   USA   
cooooooooool boi yooo can yu mae me a sandwich siri no i dont have condiments im here to seay ye

Life sized male doll   Name : Loligoth   Date : 2017/12/18(Mon) 23:22   No.686   France   
Dear Runo,
I'd like to make a life sized male doll, about 170 cm tall.
Can I use the "Tall Boy" pattern you provided ? If yes, which scale do you suggest to print it ?
Would a life sized doll would bend and collapse without some sort of wired skeleton ?
How much would it cost to make such a doll ?

Thanks !

Re: Life sized male doll   Runo : 2017/12/20(Wed) 21:08    No.687   Nippon   

I think basic doll's pattern is better and easier.
You have to alter the pattern to boy version.

Scale is 230 - 240%.
Or make it 250%, and shorten the thigh and shank each 5cm.

If you stuff each parts very solid, it doesn't need wires.

It costs about 10,000 yen for materials in my country.

Re: Life sized male doll   Male doll : 2017/12/21(Thu) 15:28    No.688   France   

Thank you Runo san :)
I have other questions if you don't mind.
1- I would like to use a wig to make a realistic hairstyle. How do I attach it to the scalp ?
2- where can I buy joint for the head ? It would be nice to have a moving head.
Thank you !

Re: Life sized male doll   Runo : 2017/12/22(Fri) 06:57    No.689   Nippon   

1- Sew around the edge of the base of the wig to the head.
2- You can buy a joint at a handicraft store or a teddy bear shop.

Re: Life sized male doll   Loligoth : 2017/12/28(Thu) 06:45    No.690   France   

Thanks a lot, Runo san :)

Neck Joints in Animals   Name : Donna   Date : 2017/10/11(Wed) 04:59   No.684   USA   
How do you do the neck joints, please? You only have instructions for sewing the head on without a joint

Re: Neck Joints in Animals   Runo : 2017/10/11(Wed) 12:57    No.685      

If you use plastic joint, see ragdoll kitten or rabbit. If you have hard board joint, read its manual.

How to enlarge    Name : Destiny   Date : 2017/04/09(Sun) 05:01   No.679      
Hello Runo, i have loved your patterns since the beginning or your blogging. But i have finally gotten the nerve to ask you a question i have wanted to ask for a long time. How do i enlarge the basic girl pattern to be life-size, what are the dimensions i need? If i were to use Photoshop or SAI what should i do?

Re: How to enlarge    Runo : 2017/04/09(Sun) 07:13    No.680   Nippon   

I cannot explain how to use Photoshop or so on.
When you print on the web browser, choose the magnification.
The pattern will be divided. Paste those together.

Re: How to enlarge    Destiny : 2017/04/09(Sun) 07:18    No.681      

Thank you so much for answering me! What would be the appropriate magnification for a 175cm doll?

Re: How to enlarge    Runo : 2017/04/09(Sun) 08:55    No.682   Nippon   

Maybe it is needed 230 or 240%.

Re: How to enlarge    Destiny : 2017/04/10(Mon) 03:41    No.683      

Thank you so much, i am definitely going to try that. You are an angel!

Bicolor cat pattern    Name : Kate   Date : 2016/11/09(Wed) 12:29   No.676   United States    
Is it possible to make this cat with minky fabric, or would the stretch cause a problem?
Thank you for all that you do!

Re: Bicolor cat pattern    Runo : 2016/11/10(Thu) 05:26    No.677   Nippon   

You can use any cloth.
But very stretch fabric may make the toy distort.

Re: Bicolor cat pattern    Kate : 2016/11/12(Sat) 12:18    No.678   United States    

Thank you! Minky isn't very stretchy, a bit less than fleece. I think I should use the fur fabric, I like yours a lot and I hope mine can be similar.

Boy doll pattern   Name : Diane Darby   Date : 2016/08/01(Mon) 05:35   No.672   United States   
Is there anyway to get the little boy doll pattern?

Re: Boy doll pattern   Runo : 2016/08/01(Mon) 19:34    No.673   Nippon   

There is not.

Terry Cats   Name : Kristi   Date : 2016/07/08(Fri) 08:35   No.670   United States   
You mention letters in attaching the parts together. I don't see any letters on the pattern.

Re: Terry Cats   Runo : 2016/07/09(Sat) 11:19    No.671   Nippon   

Maybe other people see the letters.

Life-Sized Dolls   Name : Ken   Date : 2016/05/20(Fri) 06:32   No.666      
Since you already made life-sized dolls of children and men, I was wondering if you ever will make also a doll of a life-sized woman?

Re: Life-Sized Dolls   Runo : 2016/05/21(Sat) 06:20    No.667   Nippon   

I will not make life-sized woman doll.

Re: Life-Sized Dolls   Ken : 2016/05/30(Mon) 08:54    No.668      

I see... thanks for the quick answer!

realistic hair   Name : Shelby H   Date : 2016/04/24(Sun) 20:20   No.663   USA   
In the near future would you please make a tutorial on how you made the realistic hair on the dolls? This has been something i struggle with and would probably help others too. Thanks for making such fun and easy tutorials, it has been such a huge help already.

Re: realistic hair   Runo : 2016/04/27(Wed) 06:19    No.664   Nippon   

Maybe you think nylon hair is more realistic than woolen yarn. Use realistic material. Method of attaching is the same.

Afghan Hound    Name : Wolfi   Date : 2016/03/05(Sat) 06:54   No.661   germany   
is there a chance that you provide the pattern of your horse, the awesome afghan hound or the borzoi? i'd reaaly like to try if i could make them on my own because i love horses and this dog breeds, but i can't find any good pattern in the internet... you would really help me with this.

Re: Afghan Hound    Runo : 2016/03/07(Mon) 09:15    No.662   Nippon   

Not zero, near to zero.

Head turn?   Name : ShonJohn   Date : 2016/02/26(Fri) 02:44   No.659   USA   
On a couple of the large dogs you made, the heads could turn. How did you do that?

Re: Head turn?   Runo : 2016/02/26(Fri) 18:53    No.660   Nippon   

I used plastic joint.

stuffed pig   Name : Kim   Date : 2016/02/17(Wed) 08:40   No.657   united States    
I need this in a larger size. Is that available?

Re: stuffed pig   Runo : 2016/02/18(Thu) 05:05    No.658   Nippon   

This pattern is simple. When you make it large, it doesn't have good shape.

Credit for your pattern   Name : Bernie Velvick   Date : 2015/12/06(Sun) 02:58   No.654   UK   
Hi, I adapted your Rag Doll kitten pattern to make a character cat (Mog the forgetful cat from a story book). I'd like to share my pattern online and credit your pattern as my starting point. Is it OK to link to your pattern?

Re: Credit for your pattern   Runo : 2015/12/07(Mon) 05:56    No.655   Nippon   

It is ok if people can know that the original pattern is mine.

htt   Name : christian   Date : 2015/11/20(Fri) 19:21   No.653   k   
When thideal blaming onation.

Corgi pattern   Name : Estelle   Date : 2015/10/20(Tue) 23:03   No.640   UK   
Dear Runo,

I would like to make your Corgi toy as my pet Corgi is very ill and is going to die soon.

Do you have a pattern?

Thank you very much.

I made your daschund toy and it went really well.

Re: Corgi pattern   Runo : 2015/10/23(Fri) 07:28    No.641   Nippon   

I'm sorry I don't have Corgi pattern to sell nor to post.

Doll for sell   Name : Lisa   Date : 2015/10/08(Thu) 09:49   No.632   USA   
Do you sell Rotkäppchen?

Re: Doll for sell   Runo : 2015/10/09(Fri) 05:24    No.633      

No, I don't. Very sorry.

Re: Doll for sell   Lisa : 2015/10/09(Fri) 07:02    No.634   USA   

Then do you sell basic doll/ girl doll in Lolita style?

Re: Doll for sell   Runo : 2015/10/11(Sun) 05:21    No.635      

No ... I don't.

HI   Name : ani cetts   Date : 2015/07/30(Thu) 17:16   No.627   mexico   
Hi Runo I really don't have any question for you, I just wanted to say thank you for making this site about doll making. Awesome!!!
I'll be trying your patterns soon!! thank you!!

Scottish Deerhound   Name : Beth   Date : 2015/04/19(Sun) 05:16   No.624   USA   
I have been looking for a pattern like this for a while and I cannot find one at all. I was wondering if you will be posting this pattern at a later date?

Re: Scottish Deerhound   Runo : 2015/04/20(Mon) 13:44    No.625   Nippon   

I'm not planning about that.

Blog update?   Name : Lorraine   Date : 2014/07/19(Sat) 04:34   No.616   US   
Nothing since December.
Are you going to post something new?

Re: Blog update?   Runo : 2014/07/23(Wed) 14:21    No.617   Nippon   

I have posted a new article. Thank you for spurring.

Glass Eyes   Name : Saku   Date : 2014/05/25(Sun) 20:27   No.614   Germany   
This is not really a question. I just thought maybe you like the look of hand-painted eyes for your plush animals. Buy decorative glass drops and paint them with acrylic colours. Glue them on with hot glue. In my opinion, the effect is stunning. Perhaps, you want to try, too.

Re: Glass Eyes   Runo : 2014/05/27(Tue) 06:19    No.615   Nippon   

Thank you for your informative suggestion.
Usually I sew plastic eyes for animals. I have not used "decorative glass drop".

Stretch?   Name : AJ   Date : 2014/04/04(Fri) 07:06   No.612   Canada   
Hello Runo!

When you make the base for the Nekomimi girl, do you use stretch or no stretch fabric? I know you use stretch for the skin cover, but what about the base?

Thank you Runo, you are amazing! : )

Re: Stretch?   Runo : 2014/04/04(Fri) 18:55    No.613   Nippon   

I use no stretch fabric. If making the base of stretch fabric, it will be big.

Confused   Name : Lauren   Date : 2014/02/26(Wed) 09:36   No.610   U.S.A.   
What do you mean by "This leg is a patch pocket?"

Re: Confused   Runo : 2014/02/26(Wed) 12:09    No.611   Nippon   

If you don't sew upper line of the leg to the body, you can use the leg as a pocket.

little red riding hood    Name : catwoman   Date : 2014/02/06(Thu) 01:48   No.607   Germany   
Hello runo,
I saw your incredibly sweet Little Red Riding Hood - and I know that this bonnet on many illustrations, but the real red riding hood the gebrüder Grimm comes from the schwalm in Hesse, Germany. I have copied you the link of two pages of this costume and look forward if it may serve as suggestion for you perhaps a little change laundering :-)älmer_Trachtälmer_Tracht

Re: little red riding hood    Runo : 2014/02/06(Thu) 13:00    No.609   Nippon   

Thank you for the information.
Little Red Riding Hood is an old folktale.
Perrault wrote before Grimm.
I think the costume should be influenced by liking and imagination of each maker.

Question Quest   Name : Sean Anderson   Date : 2014/02/06(Thu) 01:43   No.606   Japan   
My name is Sean Anderson. I live in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. And, I represent Question Quest : The Language Card Game.

I realise according to your FAQ you do not do work for others. However, we are a language teaching product that wants to help students all over the world learn English. For that reason, we hoped you might have a change of heart and help us make a prototype doll of one of our characters.

We are very impressed by your talent. If you are interested, contact us at our game website above.

We apologise if this request upsets you.

All the best,

Sean Anderson

Re: Question Quest   Runo : 2014/02/06(Thu) 12:59    No.608   Nippon   

I'm sorry not come up to your hope.
I'm not good at communication with others.

Big Girl Doll   Name : TDog   Date : 2014/01/21(Tue) 10:01   No.604   USA   

On the Big Girl Doll pattern, I notice there isn't a skin cover for the main portion of the body. If I wanted a skin cover, should I just use the body pattern again?

Re: Big Girl Doll   Runo : 2014/01/22(Wed) 12:10    No.605   Nippon   

Why not make the body pattern somewhat small?
Darts can be omitted.

Godsend   Name : Craftdee   Date : 2013/11/07(Thu) 02:42   No.603   UK   
Dear Runo
What a blessing your site is. Thank you so much for sharing so much, so freely. I know I will visit your site lots it is inspiring and I love the simplicity of your patterns.

Borzoi   Name : Agnieszka   Date : 2013/08/22(Thu) 04:46   No.602   Poland   
I'm trying to make something to resemble your Russian wolfhound, but i just can't grasp the feeling. I would love to see your pattern. i know that i'm overusing your kindness but if you could post it I will be very grateful.

Felt Jack Russel Terrier   Name : Jennifer   Date : 2013/08/11(Sun) 06:48   No.601   USA   
I am trying to make the felt Jack Russell Terrier. The pattern is kind of tricky and I don't know how to go about making it. If you could please post a tutorial that would be awesome!!!! Thank you in advance!!!!

Using pattern on blog   Name : Tidje   Date : 2013/07/30(Tue) 07:37   No.598   Spain   
Hello Runo,
I have modified one of your patters, the dachshund, to make a new project. Basically it consists of using the head and tail and sewing them onto a blanket for a baby. I was writing an entry on my blog ( ) about how to make it, and plan on linking to your patterns and instructions.
I was wondering if it would be OK, though, for me to also post the modified pattern on my blog so that it would be easier for readers to know exactly which pieces to cut out, and how to cut them out for my project. If there is anything else that you would like me to include in my post, just let me know.
Thanks in advance,

Re: Using pattern on blog   Runo : 2013/07/30(Tue) 09:38    No.600   Nippon   

It is OK if you link and mention to my contents.

Panty   Name : Carly   Date : 2013/07/30(Tue) 03:36   No.597   USA   
Hello Runo,

How do you gather the fabric to make the panties stretch at the waist and leg holes? When I try to do it on my sewing machine it doesn't turn out right. What setting should I use on my sewing machine? Is it possible to gather fabric by hand sewing?

Thank you so much for all your help.

Re: Panty   Runo : 2013/07/30(Tue) 09:37    No.599   Nippon   

It is not that gathering the fabric with a sewing machine.
Pass through an elastic.
Or, sew stretch race which has 75% length.

Crafts for children   Name : ComicalCrafty   Date : 2013/04/11(Thu) 23:15   No.592   USA   
Hi Runo,

I'm planning a curriculum to teach kids beginner hand sewing, and was wondering if you could recommend any simple projects from your website that I might be able to teach them.

Domo origato!

Re: Crafts for children   Runo : 2013/04/12(Fri) 12:11    No.595   Nippon   

How about these?

Someone is using images!   Name : Rotida   Date : 2013/03/18(Mon) 10:25   No.590      
Hey! Thanks for your website. I am going to make a doll. I found your website first. Then I googled "make a rag doll" in Spanish ("hacer una muñeca de trapo") and I found this website:

They are using your pictures and your patterns! Do you know them? Did you give them permission?
Hope this helps,

Re: Someone is using images!   Runo : 2013/03/19(Tue) 08:34    No.591   Nippon   

Thank you for the information.
Not a few people use my contents. But I can't help it.
It is very easy to be a stealer on the web.

How to make skin cloth   Name : Bunny   Date : 2013/02/03(Sun) 11:39   No.585   U.S,   
Hi! I was making one of your doll "Nekomimi"
when I was reading instruction of how to make
doll skin cloth...(big doll instruction)
but not sure how to make skin cover.

Re: How to make skin cloth   Runo : 2013/02/04(Mon) 18:00    No.586   Nippon   

Fold stretch fabric and sew as the line of the pattern. The skin cloth is a tube. The one side is narrow.

Ragdoll Kitten Head   Name : Jackie   Date : 2013/01/29(Tue) 04:37   No.583   USA   
Hi Runo! What material is the small black nose made of on the Ragdoll Kitten Head. Is it the fur material, embroidery or is it a small hard plastic nose? It's hard to tell from the photo. Thank you!

Re: Ragdoll Kitten Head   Runo : 2013/01/29(Tue) 19:12    No.584   Nippon   

The photo is hard to see indeed.
I used a thick embroidery thread.

Kimono for Big Girl   Name : Honou no Kage   Date : 2013/01/19(Sat) 08:02   No.580   USA   
Hello, Runo!
I'm attempting to make a Wa-Lolita outfit for one of my big girl dolls, and thus need a kimono for the top. I was wondering, since the big girl and kimono dolls are not the same size, do you happen to know how much I would need to enlarge the pattern?

Thank you for these wonderful patterns; they are quite lovely and fun to make!

Re: Kimono for Big Girl   Runo : 2013/01/20(Sun) 05:42    No.582   Nippon   

Maybe 160-180 %. Kimono is flexible dress. It doesn't need precise size.

horse you made   Name : newtothis   Date : 2013/01/17(Thu) 14:22   No.579   usa   
Where can I find the horse pattern you made the black one its pretty awesome

Re: horse you made   Runo : 2013/01/20(Sun) 05:42    No.581   Nippon   

In a book "鍋島知津子の動物のぬいぐるみ" which I referred.

InuYasha Character Dolls   Name : AnimeOtaku1214   Date : 2012/12/24(Mon) 17:04   No.575   USE   
What pattern would I use to make Kagome? Since her body type is different that your InuYasha doll. Thanks.

Re: InuYasha Character Dolls   Runo : 2012/12/30(Sun) 10:50    No.576   Nippon   

You should make new pattern.
If it is difficult, why not make fatten the kimono doll?

Re: InuYasha Character Dolls   AnimeOtaku1214 : 2012/12/30(Sun) 14:09    No.577   USA   

Thank you, Runo. I really enjoy your website and dolls.

cleaning   Name : yoru   Date : 2012/12/11(Tue) 02:06   No.573   USA   
how do I keep the dolls clean?

Re: cleaning   Runo : 2012/12/17(Mon) 15:23    No.574      

Wash hands before touching the dolls.
Usually put the dolls in the case.
The best way is not to let them dirty.

Thank you   Name : Sonali   Date : 2012/11/19(Mon) 20:56   No.572   India   
Hi Runo...
I just want to thank you a lot.I am completely new in making stuffed toy but your site made it easy for any person to show their creativity. I really respect you to share your creativity with others. While other sites are charging for this you made it very simple to all creativity lovers. God bless you.

glove pattern   Name : Anne Lien   Date : 2012/11/08(Thu) 21:18   No.570   Netherlands   
Hi Runo,
You say on your website it is okay to sell dolls made with your pattern. I was wondering if it is okay to sell gloves made with your pattern? Or actually mittens, because I'm thinking of altering the pattern.
Thank you, your site is a wonderful place of inspiration!

Re: glove pattern   Runo : 2012/11/09(Fri) 18:06    No.571   Nippon   

It is okay.

Projects   Name : Koomori   Date : 2012/10/12(Fri) 02:37   No.568   United States   
I have been doing wonderful things with these patterns but the guest board does not work any longer.

How may I submit pictures to you so that you can see these things I have done?

I would also like you to know I have been doing doll charity and it has made many people happy.

Thank you for being so kind to provide us these free patterns/lessons and permission to use.

Re: Projects   Runo : 2012/10/12(Fri) 18:16    No.569   Nippon   

Why not write about your project on your blog or SNS? Even if I don't know your achievements, people will praise you.

Cover?   Name : Rammy   Date : 2012/10/08(Mon) 10:33   No.565   México   
Hi Runo!!
I've learned so much from your site!

I'm now trying to make a pattern of my own for a doll, but umm I'm not sure on how make the cover with strech fabric that hides most of the stitches... D:

So I thought of asking you, how do you go on making those stretch fabric covers??

Re: Cover?   Runo : 2012/10/09(Tue) 05:25    No.566   Nippon   

I can't explain well.
Experience, flair, and trial & error. More experiences.

Publishing Request   Name : Julia   Date : 2012/09/07(Fri) 01:53   No.560   Australia   
Hi Runo,

May I please use your felt mini Santa and sleigh and reindeer for the Australian edition of Better Homes and Gardens? I would need to provide a version of your pattern and would credit you.


Re: Publishing Request   Runo : 2012/09/07(Fri) 19:15    No.561   Nippon   

I don't care.

Sesshoumaru   Name : Rhea   Date : 2012/08/15(Wed) 07:01   No.558   Canada   
Hello Runo,
I am aware that you already sold your Inuyasha dolls, but I was particularly fond of the Sesshoumaru one. In fact, I have loved that doll very much for a long time. If I were to commission you to make another one, how much would it cost? I completely understand if you decline.

Thank you very much for your time!

Re: Sesshoumaru   Runo : 2012/08/16(Thu) 05:37    No.559   Nippon   

However much you pay, I cannot make another one. verry sorry.

Plush Pig   Name : Crystal   Date : 2012/08/15(Wed) 06:34   No.557   USA   
Hello Rino,
Thanks for the reply! Oh alright, because it looks a bit bigger and the head has a chin. I'll try again to make it look like the third!

Plush Pig   Name : Crystal   Date : 2012/08/14(Tue) 09:32   No.555   USA   
Hello Rino,
I wanted to make the third pig you have in your picture, The cream one next to the white one. I was wondering if it is the same pattern because mine came out like the first. Thank you for your time!

Re: Plush Pig   Runo : 2012/08/15(Wed) 04:53    No.556   Nippon   

They were made by the same pattern. Each material makes each look. The third is polyester fleece.

Fashion Doll   Name : Gabby   Date : 2012/07/05(Thu) 09:58   No.553   USA   
Hi Runo,
I was interested in making the felt fashion mini doll. Do you know how many ounces of polyester fiberfill you put in one doll?

Re: Fashion Doll   Runo : 2012/07/06(Fri) 05:39    No.554   Nippon   

Sorry. I don't know. It is too light to weigh.

Ragdoll kitten   Name : Sue   Date : 2012/06/25(Mon) 19:54   No.551   Australia   
Hello - I am wanting to make your ragdoll kitten in monocolour fur. Is it necessary to cut out the leg and feet pieces or do I just cut the one piece (body, leg, foot). Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Re: Ragdoll kitten   Runo : 2012/06/26(Tue) 17:17    No.552   Nippon   

The body, forefoot and toe can be one piece. The hind leg and foot, too.

use patterns for free   Name : ComicalCrafty   Date : 2012/05/30(Wed) 01:40   No.547   USA   
Konichiwa Runo,

Am I allowed to make my own patterns of clothing and costumes for your felt fashion minidoll to feature on my website if I credit your name?

Have a wonderful day!

Re: use patterns for free   Runo : 2012/05/30(Wed) 16:30    No.549   Nippon   

Yes, you are.

Re: use patterns for free   ComicalCrafty : 2012/05/31(Thu) 03:03    No.550   USA   

Thank you! :)

Kishu dog   Name : ShonJohn   Date : 2012/05/23(Wed) 11:54   No.545   USA   
Can you put up a pattern for the kishu dog? It's almost like an Akita and I wanted to make one for my friend because they're her favorite dogs.

Re: Kishu dog   Runo : 2012/05/30(Wed) 16:27    No.548   Nippon   

I don't think that.

Pattern   Name : Bette   Date : 2012/05/19(Sat) 06:41   No.543   Usa   
Pattern is not correct size. What do I set printer to achieve correct size

Re: Pattern   Runo : 2012/05/20(Sun) 05:19    No.544   Nippon   

Choose 100 %.

Jesus Doll   Name : Anne   Date : 2012/05/12(Sat) 16:34   No.542   South Africa   
I would just like to say that your Jesus doll is awesome. Will you at any stage be putting the pattern out on pdf free as you have other patterns?

Girl doll Body base   Name : Reader101   Date : 2012/05/02(Wed) 16:21   No.535   Australia   
I was scanning the net for rag doll patterns when I saw your big breast girl doll. I've never made one using your method. Normally I use flat-chested patterns and if needed, stuff/pack the breast area firmer to create a bust. The question I have is: If I want to create a massive sized life-like bosom. Do I simply enlarge the pattern or do I have to alter the pattern's shape. Will it look unnatural if I simply enlarge the breast pattern further?

Re: Girl doll Body base   Runo : 2012/05/04(Fri) 08:13    No.536   Nippon   

If her breast becomes bigger, any shape is unnatural. So you may simply make it large as you like.

Re: Girl doll Body base   Reader101 : 2012/05/04(Fri) 15:54    No.537   Australia   

Then if I cut the breasts in a more teardrop shape would that even things out?

Re: Girl doll Body base   Runo : 2012/05/04(Fri) 21:12    No.538   Nippon   

The lower half should have bigger bulge.

Re: Girl doll Body base   Reader101 : 2012/05/08(Tue) 21:22    No.539   Australia   

And then affix in the normal position. Ok.

Is there anything else I should take into account then?

Re: Girl doll Body base   Runo : 2012/05/09(Wed) 19:40    No.540   Nippon   

Not to fear failure.

Re: Girl doll Body base   Reader101 : 2012/05/11(Fri) 04:35    No.541   Australia   

Thank you very much. I will let you know how it turns out.

Lion Plushie?   Name : Abi   Date : 2012/04/17(Tue) 05:43   No.533   England   
Runo I love your plushies and such, they are so cute.
Does anybody know how to make a lion plushie? I want to make one for my friend. Can you explain it fully? I'm only fourteen.

Re: Lion Plushie?   Runo : 2012/04/19(Thu) 20:31    No.534   Nippon   

I don't know who can explain.

Doll/ Bust   Name : Alex   Date : 2009/08/18(Tue) 19:45   No.249   United Kingdom   
does any one know how to make a doll nekomimi doll with a bust kinda like the black cat doll with the bust?

Re: Doll/ Bust   Runo : 2009/08/19(Wed) 06:18    No.252   Nippon   

Runo knows.

Re: Doll/ Bust   Alex : 2009/08/24(Mon) 03:48    No.254   United Kingdom   

I would like to know coz im am trying to make a nekomimi doll with a bust. your seriously no help at all are you??? do you speak english? if not learn some god damn english. ha ha.

lol   FukkenSaved : 2009/08/26(Wed) 14:29    No.257   United States   


Re: Doll/ Bust   Alexia : 2009/11/05(Thu) 07:06    No.286   UK the best Cy   

Thread? Thread What???

Re: Doll/ Bust   Mimi : 2010/09/29(Wed) 16:45    No.398   USA   

Your English isn't very skillful for someone who comes from the birth place of English, Alex. I'm not sure that you're in any position to criticize the English of others. Next time, try to phrase your question accurately, and perhaps someone will answer.

Re: Doll/ Bust   Julie : 2012/04/17(Tue) 04:44    No.532   USA   

AND, Alex, you are very rude to Runo who is only trying to send out helpful information!

Wonderful!!   Name : Gen   Date : 2012/02/26(Sun) 03:00   No.526   USA   
I just wanted to to say thank you for this beautiful and helpful site! I come to it often and am very inspired by your creativity and persistent doll crafting. You are very kind to share your amazing creations with others!

Thank you again!!! :)

Re: Wonderful!!   Jenny : 2012/03/31(Sat) 00:56    No.531   U.S   

I wanted to add to this Thank You! note.

I used your fabulous dolphin pattern to make versions of Winter (dolphin from the movie "Dolphin Tale), a dolphin who had lost its tail fins and wears a prosthetic tail. I know two small children who love Winter and will now have their own version to cuddle forever.

Thank you again for great patterns and tutorials and sharing them so freely. You are an inspiration and very kind.

(picture of the dolphin I made: )

Stitching the hem    Name : Mrunal   Date : 2012/03/28(Wed) 17:48   No.529   India .
I used Indian cotton material for this.
Step 5 Fold and stitch hem. This is difficult as folding a non stretchabale cloth at the crotch is not neat and pulls on the cloth.
If possible advise.

Re: Stitching the hem    Runo : 2012/03/29(Thu) 17:37    No.530   Nippon   

How about using a bias tape?

How to make my panty sma   Name : Cristiana   Date : 2012/03/04(Sun) 07:34   No.528   Italy   
This site is so rare and precious, I've searched a lot in internet!
I bought several panties in internet and they found out to be very big for me. Can u suggest me something? Thank u so much!!!!

Instructions   Name : Amy   Date : 2012/02/26(Sun) 14:25   No.527   Korea   
Can you send me the full instructions for the Fashion Doll? I'm not sure how to make the doll.

Cat for sale?   Name : Will   Date : 2012/02/19(Sun) 08:12   No.520   United States   
Do you have "Big Black Cat with White Cresent" for sale? If so, how much please?
Thank you, Will

Re: Cat for sale?   Runo : 2012/02/19(Sun) 21:37    No.521   Nippon   

It is not for sale. I'm sorry.

Re: Cat for sale?   Will : 2012/02/20(Mon) 00:08    No.522   United States   

Runo, you break my heart! I will pay you $300.00 for it now, and another $10,000.00 if and when I win one million dollars using this cat in a contest this year, which I know I will win. Pretty please?

Re: Cat for sale?   Runo : 2012/02/20(Mon) 21:51    No.523   Nippon   

Anyway, I cannot sell it.

Re: Cat for sale?   Will : 2012/02/21(Tue) 02:28    No.524   United States   

Very well, Runo. I will honor your wish not to sell this cat. Would you be interested in making me just a cat face similar to this cat? If not, I would appreciate any help or advice you can me, so I can do the same. Thank you very much.

Re: Cat for sale?   Runo : 2012/02/21(Tue) 22:49    No.525   Nippon   

Now I'm making a black cat with yellow eyes.
I'm not sure it has similar face.

Life Sized Girl Doll   Name : Heather    Date : 2012/02/10(Fri) 00:36   No.518   Canada   
I am about to make the life sized girl doll and was wondering how much fibrefill you used?
Many thanks.

Re: Life Sized Girl Doll   Runo : 2012/02/11(Sat) 07:00    No.519   Nippon   

I didn't weigh. Maybe 2,000 - 2,500 grams.

Terry Cat   Name : Brittany   Date : 2012/01/29(Sun) 16:59   No.514   United States   
Where do you find the eyes you used for the Terry Cat? I am not sure how to search for these as anything like "button eyes" does not give me the type of buttons you used.

Re: Terry Cat   Runo : 2012/01/31(Tue) 06:34    No.517   Nippon   

Those are round buttons (like half ball).
But I think flat buttons or ordinary animal eyes are better.

Sesshoumaru Body type   Name : Johanna   Date : 2012/01/29(Sun) 11:46   No.513   U.S.A   
I already asked this, but i sent it by one way instead and so i'm sorry about that.

But i was wondering what type of body your sesshoumaru doll is as it is my particular favorite. It looks like tall boy but i am not certian.
Thank you,

Re: Sesshoumaru Body type   Runo : 2012/01/31(Tue) 06:30    No.516   Nippon   

Yes, tall boy type.
But the legs are like kimono doll.

Price   Name : Yuki   Date : 2012/01/23(Mon) 06:02   No.505   USA   
How much would the Kurama one be?

Re: Price   Runo : 2012/01/23(Mon) 07:09    No.508   Nippon   

Kurama is not for sale. Sorry.

Re: Price   Yuki : 2012/01/27(Fri) 07:21    No.512   USA   

Do you sell any of your anime ones? If so what ones?

Re: Price   Runo : 2012/01/31(Tue) 06:28    No.515   Nippon   

Ranma 7,000 yen.
Shampoo 6,000 yen.
Lelouch 18,000 yen.
Hikaru + Sai 22,000 yen.
Ryoma 10,000 yen.

Ragdoll Kitten   Name : Sally   Date : 2012/01/24(Tue) 08:47   No.509   USA   
Do you know anywhere else that may sell fur that will work like that?

Re: Ragdoll Kitten   Runo : 2012/01/25(Wed) 06:58    No.511   Nippon   

I don't know. Sorry.

Ragdoll Kitten   Name : Sally   Date : 2012/01/22(Sun) 03:22   No.503   USA   
Hi, I am wondering where you bought the fabric for the rag doll kitten. I am looking but not seeing it, is there a company you bought from, a website perhaps? I want to get the fur just right.

Re: Ragdoll Kitten   Runo : 2012/01/23(Mon) 07:07    No.506   Nippon   

I bought it at a real shop near my residence. The shop is closed now.

Re: Ragdoll Kitten   Sally : 2012/01/24(Tue) 10:40    No.510   USA   

Thank you

Terry Cat Head/Neck   Name : scliff   Date : 2012/01/23(Mon) 05:09   No.504   USA   
Is it necessary to use a neck joint for attaching the terry cat head to neck or can it just be sewed together? I see someone asks about a neck joint below, but it is not specified in the terry cat making page. Thank you!

Re: Terry Cat Head/Neck   Runo : 2012/01/23(Mon) 07:08    No.507   Nippon   

I don't think it is necessary. I sewed its head to the body at the neck.

Hola   Name : Brenda   Date : 2011/12/03(Sat) 10:41   No.500   Mexico   
Hi, my question is how many percentage in the copy machine can I enlarge the patterns of the 1/2 girl doll to do Wakana (51 inches) or the life size maid (5ft)?

Re: Hola   Runo : 2011/12/05(Mon) 09:21    No.501   Nippon   

Maid is 200%. Wakana is difficult. She has different proportion.

Re: Hola   Brenda : 2011/12/05(Mon) 10:40    No.502   Mexico   

Thanks for taking time to answer, I'll do the life size maid, and I'll give it a shot to do Wakana...
Beautiful work you do, thanks again, Greetings from México

custom doll   Name : Matt J   Date : 2011/11/28(Mon) 14:26   No.497   USA   
would you consider making a custom doll? 40-48" Randy Orton wwe wrestler? If so, pricing? This is a Christmas gift asked for by a child. Thank you.

Re: custom doll   Runo : 2011/11/29(Tue) 06:28    No.499   Nippon   

Sorry I don't make custom dolls.

How are you?   Name : Cassandra   Date : 2011/11/24(Thu) 02:31   No.496   United States   
I love you so much through your work. You introduced me to the love of doll-making. You are my Angel. I just want to know that you are doing well. You have not posted anything new since the earthquake in 2010.

Re: How are you?   Runo : 2011/11/29(Tue) 06:28    No.498   Nippon   

Thank you. At least I'm not sick nor wounded.

neck joint question   Name : Patty   Date : 2011/10/30(Sun) 05:47   No.493   USA   
Where is the neck joint pattern for cat dolls?
Thank you. I love your dolls.

Re: neck joint question   Runo : 2011/10/31(Mon) 06:32    No.495   Nippon   

Nowhere. You can buy neck joints at Teddy bear shop.

Size Conversions   Name : Janine   Date : 2011/10/23(Sun) 15:48   No.490      
Can you please upload separate sized pattern sheets or post a how-to for size conversions in the future?
It is a great tutorial, but I would like to make some without a bit of trial and error.
(For example, in the United States, there are XS, S, M, L, XL for both men and boys.)

Re: Size Conversions   Runo : 2011/10/31(Mon) 06:30    No.494   Nippon   

Using a copy machine, you can make various sizes.

The mini dolls   Name : Jennifer   Date : 2011/03/20(Sun) 00:22   No.461   USA   
I'm really not even sure how to word this, but I'll try. I've made my own dolls using your 4" mini doll pattern, and posted them on my website and Facebook. I've had people asking if they can buy the dolls, but I know that the pattern for the heads, bodies and arms is yours. I think what I'm asking is permission to sell my own doll characters made with your pattern. I'll happily link your banner to the pages and have already done so on Facebook, where they've gotten the most attention. I'd post the link, but your instructions say not to.

Re: The mini dolls   Runo : 2011/03/22(Tue) 18:48    No.462   Nippon   

I don't forbid.

Re: The mini dolls   Jennifer : 2011/03/29(Tue) 07:43    No.467   USA   

Here's the link to my website where the dolls are featured:
Here's the link to their Facebook album:!/album.php?aid=42885&id=100000860247477&fbid=192224250816248
I'm sure you'll happily notice that I've already setup your banner on my website and added it as a link in the Facebook album. Feel free to comment on them.
Glad to hear you're okay after reading about all that's been happening in Japan.

Re: The mini dolls   Jennifer : 2011/10/27(Thu) 04:31    No.492      

The link on my website's changed: has the collection of mini dolls now.

Wire   Name : Fiona   Date : 2010/07/26(Mon) 05:16   No.380   USA   
I have a question regarding your stuffed animals, I want to make a welsh Corgi for my friend and I remember you saying you use two different kinds of wire in your animals, what kind is it? Would copper wiring for electrical work?

Re: Wire   Runo : 2010/07/30(Fri) 06:07    No.382   Nippon   

Steel is hard. I put steel wires in the legs.
Aluminium is rather soft. It fits for the tail.
I think copper is too soft.

Re: Wire   Kade : 2011/10/24(Mon) 23:45    No.491   USA   

Fiona do you have the corgi pattern and I just missed it on the site or the border Collie? Thank you

Keep your website   Name : Joyell   Date : 2011/10/13(Thu) 11:49   No.489   USA   

I have did much research to find a free site to learn how to make panties. Yours is "THE ONLY" of it's kind that is simple free and tasteful. u will help & teach many. THANK YOU KINDLY. joy!

Greatful   Name : Beth   Date : 2011/10/02(Sun) 06:32   No.488   Canada   
Thank you so very much for clearing up my question on whether we can use your doll patterns for the purposes of selling or not.

I am very glad we can use them forever.

Once again I thank you for this. Take care and may God bless you abundantly!!

Update   Name : Beth   Date : 2011/09/27(Tue) 05:59   No.486   Canada   
Hello, there I am very new to your website. I noticed a question from someone who asked you if it was ok to make dolls from your patterns for the purposes of selling. Your answer to this question was, "Yes" which is wonderful but does your "Yes" still apply today?
Like I just said I am very new to your site so I am not exactly sure how long ago it was the answer to this question was posted up. I want to be very sure that your,"Yes" answer to this question still applies today because if it isn't, then I wouldn't want to be breaking the law by creating a doll that is not my original design for the purposes of selling. It wouldn't be right.
Thank you, kindly

Re: Update   Runo : 2011/09/29(Thu) 08:46    No.487   Nippon   

Yes, for ever.

Buying a doll   Name : Cody   Date : 2011/08/18(Thu) 22:39   No.484   U.S.   
Hello, I'm interested in buying a doll. I'm wondering what is the biggest girl doll you would be willing to sell, and ship to the U.S. Also, price is not an issue. I like your work and hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you

Re: Buying a doll   Runo : 2011/08/19(Fri) 16:20    No.485   Nippon   

Thank you. Do you mean Nina? She was sold.

Doll costs and shipping   Name : Hayley   Date : 2011/08/05(Fri) 05:05   No.482   U.S.A   
Hello. How much is your latest Inuyasha doll and how much would it cost to ship the the U.S? Also, would you ever make a Howl doll from Howl's Moving Castle? Thank your for your time.

Re: Doll costs and shipping   Runo : 2011/08/06(Sat) 16:42    No.483   Nippon   

Thank you. Inuyasha dolls were sold out. Sorry.
Once I wanted to make Howl doll, but now I don't.

Miniture Cat pattern   Name : Kelli   Date : 2011/07/31(Sun) 17:13   No.480   USA   
I don't see a pattern for making the miniature cats. Is it the same as for the larger ones you do have printed on those pages? Should I follow those and just make them smaller?

Re: Miniture Cat pattern   Runo : 2011/08/02(Tue) 16:30    No.481   Nippon   

Miniature cat's pattern is simpler than big cat's.

Hi   Name : Sarah Keeton   Date : 2011/07/17(Sun) 11:58   No.477   USA   
Hello I was wondering if my sister and i has your permission to sell the dolls we make.thank you.

Re: Hi   Runo : 2011/07/17(Sun) 16:50    No.478   Nippon   

You can sell.
And you can alter (change) my patterns.

Re: Hi   Sarah Keeton : 2011/07/18(Mon) 01:47    No.479   USA   

Thank you we made a few dolls here is a link to a website that has the pictures of them under sisters moon and star.

Felt   Name : Ellen Rivoir   Date : 2011/07/08(Fri) 08:03   No.475   USA   
Do you recommend wool felt or polyester felt for making the fashion dolls and minidolls?

Re: Felt   Runo : 2011/07/09(Sat) 16:14    No.476   Nippon   

I use mixed one (maybe wool 60%).
It is difficult to glue pure polyester felt.

norwegian forest cat   Name : Lisa   Date : 2011/06/08(Wed) 04:06   No.473   Germany   
Hello Runo ,
I love this Cat´s. Where can I find the pattern, please?
Are you share or sell it? Thanks for answer.
Best regards lisa

Re: norwegian forest cat   Runo : 2011/06/26(Sun) 18:24    No.474   Nippon   

Sorry you cannot get it.

About the Zebra Pattern   Name : Mario   Date : 2011/05/08(Sun) 16:31   No.471   Mexico   
Hi! Your Zebra pattern has some ovals under the legs and it says "Dart" there. I don't understand if I have to cut it out or leave it.

Re: About the Zebra Pattern   Runo : 2011/05/12(Thu) 07:20    No.472   Nippon   

Please refer to giraffe.

Brown Haired Samurai   Name : Elatia Grimshaw   Date : 2011/05/03(Tue) 09:27   No.469   United States   
I would love to have that brown-haired samurai doll. How much would shipping to the USA cost me?

Re: Brown Haired Samurai   Runo : 2011/05/06(Fri) 13:42    No.470   Nippon   

Thank you. But I don't sell that doll. Sorry.

Publishing request    Name : Aurélie   Date : 2011/02/25(Fri) 02:43   No.452   France   
Hello Runo,
I am the editor of a free DIY craft projects online magazine:
I would appreciate to share your small stuffed elephant tutorial in the next issue to be published around april 10.
Of course, the story will be credited and linked to your blog.
Please let me know if you are ok to feature in the magazine.
Thank you
Kind regards

Re: Publishing request    Runo : 2011/02/25(Fri) 17:25    No.453   Nippon   

I'm ok.

Re: Publishing request    Aurélie : 2011/02/25(Fri) 18:32    No.454   France   

Thank you.
I will send you the link as soon as it goes online.
Kind regards

Re: Publishing request    Aurélie : 2011/04/04(Mon) 17:42    No.468   France   

Hello Runo,
The new issue appeared.
Here is the link :
Thanks for you to share your great tutorial with our readers.
Best regards

I love all your projects   Name : aquart   Date : 2011/03/24(Thu) 17:48   No.465   indonesia   
First i want to pray for you and japan. I just want to say that i love all your projects.......nice to meet you....sorry if i copy your pattern (but i'll use it for my self.

Re: I love all your projects   Runo : 2011/03/25(Fri) 19:57    No.466   Nippon   

Thank you.
You can copy for you.
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