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Charlotte the French Cat Name : Kenshinchan Date : 2009/08/12(Wed) 10:54 No.295 USA
Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns! This is a nekomimi I made for my mom's black and cream-colored French guest room. I left out the 3-D nose and stretchy fabric over the base fabric because I don't mind a doll having seams. The face is embroidered. I designed the dress pattern--it didn't come out quite how I wanted, but it's OK.

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Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Kerry Lyons 2009/08/12(Wed) 13:34 No.296 Canada
I think you did a really nice job! You say you embroidered the face? That I do not know how to do, every time I've tried my thread gets all clumped.

Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Kenshinchan 2009/08/14(Fri) 11:16 No.299 USA
Thanks, Kerry! :) I kind of taught myself to embroider...if you only use 3 strands of floss and keep them relatively short (18 inches or so, I think), that can help. In my experience, it's also best to draw out the face before embroidering. Sometimes things go wrong even if you draw them out, though. :( Your faces are cute so I'm sure you could embroider if you wanted to. :)

I actually think Charlotte is cuter in her pajamas/undergarments. ^#^ I took the panties pattern and basically turned it into a "combination" with the pants and slip as one piece.

Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Candice 2009/12/05(Sat) 03:32 No.327 USA
I love this little lion doll it is so cute. It makes me want to make on like it. Great job!

Re: Charlotte the French Cat - Cielo 2015/12/02(Wed) 19:39 No.625 RtGQLFkVBcsj
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