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The Inuyasha i've made Name : Quercus Rubra Date : 2008/09/18(Thu) 20:02 No.195 France
This is the Inuyasha I've made in december 2007 for my son. I've put a little piece of my heart inside him....

File : 195.jpg (119KB)
Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Tatiana 2008/09/19(Fri) 01:41 No.196 Slovenia
Very, very cute !!!

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Michele "Mimi" 2008/09/21(Sun) 23:51 No.203
Hi! Quercus Rubra. Do you write in French?

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Quercus Rubra 2008/09/22(Mon) 16:22 No.204 France
Hello!! Michele ''Mimi".Of course i write in french, just because i'm french... "Michele ma belle sont des mots qui vont si bien ensemble"....( It's an old song i've heard this when i was so, so young, did you remember it? ).So i transtlate it just for you : "Michele my beauty are words which fit together so good"... ( Excuse my bad english, i've learn it on my own !)I've seen something's look like french in Runo's site... "It was Mariage a la mermaid".( This title ring a bell to me) I've found it really delicious. I hope read you soon, have a nice day Michele "Mimi". Oh i've forgot to translate "Mimi" in french!!! It means "cute"... And i'm sure you're "Mimi". (I would say cute of course!).

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Michele "Mimi" 2008/09/24(Wed) 13:36 No.205 USA
Bonjour!Quercus Rubra.Je suis Québécoise. Je viens du Canada.Je vois ta poupée Inuyasha que c'est très beau! Je t'aide. J'ai fait le corps de la poupée Inuyasha,tout correct. Je n'ai pas trouvé les patrons d'un jacket et un pantalon pour la poupée Inuyasha. Tu as les patrons d'un jacket et un pantalon? Tu as mesuré les patrons? Tu me diras. Merci! Bye! Michèle "Mimi" de Massachusetts,Etats-Unis.

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - none 2011/12/26(Mon) 15:32 No.466
juste pour le souvenir...

Re: The Inuyasha i've made - Brayan 2015/12/02(Wed) 19:05 No.615 CECChOAc
- What a shot! I love the moment you have crautped and the 50 1.2 does an amazing job capturing all lights in the background. Love this lens! Thankyou for sharing your thought process and I can't wait to see the rest!

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