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Old Mouse Name : Lizardie Date : 2008/05/06(Tue) 18:51 No.170 Russia, Italy
I decided to make this mouse in order to check whether I designed the pattern properly. While I was working on the base of the body, I have found out that the pattern was not really what I expected it to be. So, I left the body lying in the corner and almost forgot about it. Once upon a time I have realized that I expect and demand too much from myself and from my toys. Everything have the right to exist, even though it does not seem to be perfect. I understood that if I devote my time to complete this awkward body, I will get the result anyhow. I got down to this work again and created the head and the paws, wrapped the silk thread round the wire of the tail. Then I have sewed her the blue peignoir, embroidered in the glittering thread, decorated the flowers with strass, and put on the Czech bead pendant. That's how this elderly fancy vintage-style mouse appeared. Maybe she also needs a little walking stick, but I am still not sure about it. The height of this doll is 10 cm, it was born in February 2008, lives in Pisa, Italy.

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Re: Old Mouse - Lui 2008/05/09(Fri) 23:46 No.172 Philippines
Very cute!adorable little mouse! i wish i have those materials to make something like that. great job.

Re: Old Mouse - Lizardie 2008/05/20(Tue) 01:18 No.174 Russia, Italy
Dear Lui,
I quite I agree that in some countries it is really difficult to find nice materials for hobby and art, but I have realized, that one can make a really great doll from very simple materials. As for me, the idea itself and your love, patience and skills are more important than the quality of materials. I know people who are able to by the best materials and tools, but their works are not impressive at all.
So, good luck!

Re: Old Mouse - Terry Weiss 2008/07/06(Sun) 11:09 No.185 USA
I think your mouse is charming! A walking stick would be nice, or a little umbrella.

Re: Old Mouse - Clare 2009/11/17(Tue) 12:10 No.321 USA
I love this sad little old lady mouse. I would love to have the pattern for her, or even a ready made mouse. Would this be possible?

Re: Old Mouse - Kerry L 2009/12/03(Thu) 06:53 No.326 Canda
I really love this Old Mouse you've done such a good job she looks so realistic!

Re: Old Mouse - Erica 2010/02/27(Sat) 01:12 No.356 U.S.A
Would you be willing to send me a pattern for this mouse? My sisters love mice and I would love to make them one.

Re: Old Mouse - Fuzzy cats 2010/06/14(Mon) 00:34 No.383
She's lovely! Absolutly perfect, any chance you could send a pattern?^^

Re: Old Mouse - Dee 2010/08/01(Sun) 11:04 No.403 USA
Your mouse is adorable!!! Did you make the pattern or did you buy it? I would be very interested in this pattern

God bless, Dee

Re: Old Mouse - Cid 2010/08/05(Thu) 23:06 No.405 USA
Wonderful! She's perfect! I find my dolls have a way of becoming who they are, not who I want them to be. Much the same as children. keep at it.

Re: Old Mouse - Anonymous 2013/06/16(Sun) 09:09 No.534
Absolutely gorgeous. I love it. I'd love to be able to make something like this someday!

Re: Old Mouse - Armando 2015/12/02(Wed) 19:43 No.628 7WY1pgyLJz2R
I do enjoy the way you have framed this ptcairular situation plus it does indeed offer me personally some fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, because of what I have seen, I really trust when the actual feedback pack on that men and women stay on issue and not start upon a soap box involving the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this outstanding piece and while I do not concur with the idea in totality, I value the viewpoint.

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